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Java Licensing Question

I have questions about Java licensing Well, after many court hearings with Oracle vs Google, I analyzed this topic again and I would like to ask you about a few things: Oracle was accusing Google of ...
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Webdev: Open Source font and legal issues

I use the open source font Metropolis as main font for my webpages. However, apparently there has been a legal issue with similarities to Gotham. See
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Which license should I use

I want to share my android project on GitHub, allow everyone contribute to it but I don't want them to upload the project to play store without changing anything. Because I will be doing it. Why I ...
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In open source software, what is the concept of "ready when it's ready" called?

I remember seeing in several open source projects, particularly smaller ones, that it is discouraged to ask for a timeline or deadline for a particular feature or release, because "it'll be ready ...
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Can I impose the requirement of a paid license if and only if my software is offered as a service?

I'm getting ready to open source a project that facilitates the deployment, maintenance, and orchestration of data platforms on just about any architecture (locally, on any cloud of your choosing, on ...
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