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1 answer

Can I contribute device driver to opensource when datasheet is under NDA/confidential?

Let's consider a scenario where when working on embedded software, I had to obtain datasheet related to some chip from X manufacturer. This datasheet is not publicly available, but can be obtained ...
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4 answers

Can an NDA block GPL freedom number 4?

Let's say a company modifies a GPLv3 software. All it's employees can use the modified software and have access to the modified source code. The company's employees don't have the right to distribute ...
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1 answer

NDA over code that includes GPLv3 headers

Suppose there is a piece of software that uses GPLv3 headers, but the code that includes said headers is not under the GPLv3 itself, but rather a GPL-compatible license, say MIT Expat. Thus the binary ...
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Do you think its OK for an open-source hosting company to incorporate your ideas into their product offerings?

I'm not exactly sure where this question would belong, but would love to hear some opinions about it. Long story short, I came up with a way to integrate open-source Platform A with open-source ...
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NDAs vs. FOSS Projects

Suppose someone signed an NDA at a company that does X. Generally speaking, does this typically preclude them from working on open-source projects that also do X?
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NDA with GPL software: can the author decide how/when to disclose?

The GPL FAQ states that is not permitted to sign NDAs when distributing software, as it would be a violation of the redistribution freedom. Let A be an entity that develops a feature on top of an ...
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