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Works can be released under two (or more) licenses, which may or may not be compatible, giving recipients the choice of which terms they will abide by

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What might be the licence for OpenAI model generated code snippets?

I saw an interesting video on computer-generated code snippets. The model has been trained on thousands of open source GitHub repositories. In the video, an AI model produced some small code ...
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Open Source Hardware software and patent license

I'm working on a hardware medical device which I'd like to open source without giving out my patent rights to potential competitors. I'd like to open source the firmware/software part. What's ...
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Keeping contributions and allowing free use of libraries. i.e. Complex licencing issue

I have an idea for a modern compiler project which will involve, at least at the start: A driver program. A set of libraries that implement the compiler, much like LLVM/Clang. A runtime library that ...
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can I use CC BY-SA 3.0 media (pictures) in a software partly licensed under a non-derivative license?

I am working on software that contains graphics I didn't make, that are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Since the software contains other parts I didn't make, I want to put it under two different ...
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