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3 answers

is CC BY license GPL compatible? CC BY vs CC0

CC0 license is GPL compatible. A component with such license can be included in GPL-licensed product. Is this true also for CC BY license? What is the difference between CC0 and CC BY licenses? ...
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1 answer

Does the Apache 2 License cover non-code?

I am open-sourcing an OpenGL project out of a desire to share the code. However, I would like to deter anyone from compiling my project as is and publishing it with the same icon, images, and models. ...
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Is there a share-alike licence for media which specifies that the project files must be published as well as the finished media?

Is there any licence that can be used for artistic projects (images, music, etc.) that are similar to CC-BY-SA, but with the additional constraint that not only the resulting work should be made ...
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2 answers

Including resources with ambiguous license for GPL application

I'm creating a GPL v3 application. I've found some graphics on that I would like to use in the application. The application will be distributed as binary, but with the resources as-is ...
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1 answer

Open source license that only affects code

I have a repository (a website) available on Github which contains code, media and texts. Everything is freely available (either on the website or via the code on Github). I want to let the code ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How do I specify particular "source code" for a non-software GPL'd work?

Reading this GPL FAQ item on non-software works: You can apply the GPL to any kind of work, as long as it is clear what constitutes the “source code” for the work. It says that it must be "clear ...
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Short Weak Copyleft Software License

Is there a short weak (or strong) copyleft license? I like the GPL v3. The way that all its different sections interlock is quite poetic. However, this beauty comes at the cost of it being near ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Where to get music for testing my program?

I need music files I can use for testing my program that I can put in my git repo. Can I copy the test music files from other open source projects? Do I have to attribute them and if so how?
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1 vote
0 answers

Sites offering open-source sound tracks/music for use in applications? [closed]

Are there any good sites offering open-source tracks for use in applications or games? I've seen many, but seem to be any good... giving links to and other sites.
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a problem with SIMILAR emojis to existing ones

it was some time ago but, yeah, my emojis (yes, emojis, not a joke, that's not even funny) ruined my github account (i just got flagged). for the now i was trying to use other platforms/solutions (...
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I want to make an Android app like Calm/ Meditation Music/ Study Music. May I use their sound? [closed]

Can I use their sound in my app? Is there any way I can use their sound and not violate copyright?
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-4 votes
1 answer

Where is the VLC changelog? [closed]

There was finally (after like a year) a new minor version of VLC released. Neither the program itself, nor the website, says one single word about what changes have been made. I've spent like an hour ...
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