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.For questions concerning the promotion and advertising of open projects, and their implications with the general public, society, and respective organizations.

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Should a repository also serve as the project's website (at least for small projects)?

This is a more philosophical question, but such questions are allowed here. As we all know, there are various free project hosts. The common feature for probably all of them is the ability to link or ...
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Is "open software" the same as "open source" software?

A company sells a closed source software product - one that they actively also obfuscate - and market it as "open and flexible". Similarly there is no public issue tracking and when major exploits are ...
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How to get help to get a company to open source a defunct product?

There are many old defunct software products that are no longer marketable. Is there any organization or group who helps to get these valuable codes released as open source? For example, DEC had a ...
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Can we mention possible users without their permission?

I've created many open source projects under MIT license. Due to the inquiries I receive, stargazers, and direct communication with the people who are using them, I know many big companies who are ...
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Marketing GPL 3 software

I am planning on selling software which is licensed under GPL 3. I have gone through the terms and conditions listed in the GPL 3 license. However, I would like to know if any of the following ...
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Is it appropriate for me to have multiple project maintainers in this project?

I'm currently the sole maintainer of an API that a friend and I have written. It is currently written in Java, and is designed to make a lot of the low level interfaces high-level, to help ease the ...
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Could investing in marketing improve the development of my project?

Suppose I have an open source project. The developers I have are good, but I think an outside look (new coders) may help the project. We are currently running out of ideas, and are at a loss of what ...
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In what ways can students get involved in Open Source?

Two famous programs by Google are: Code-in for pre-university students Summer of Code for students currently enrolled in a university Both of these programs take a limited number of students and ...
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How can I encourage translations for my app?

I started an open source app, AnkiDroid, which had been pretty successful so far, and I have managed to get it translated to 40 languages, but somehow almost nobody in India uses it (usage is very low ...
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What is the best way to promote an open source product? [closed]

Suppose I was about to launch a large open source project. From past experience I know that the best way to promote a product is to provide information that is detailed, and easy to understand. Not ...
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Has there been research about how aware the general public is of open source?

To (most) people in IT, terms like "open source" and "free software" bring up a lot of associations. (For some those association differ wildly between these two terms.) Does the same go for the ...
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How to deal with support of open source solutions in bigger projects?

There are many open source solutions that are supported by an organisation, and that helps a lot when considering trainings and consultants. But when the point is contracts, for a database or an ESB ...
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Can I use the OSI logo to help me advertise my project?

Suppose I want to release a software program to the App Store, under an open source license. As I want to increase the number of downloads, I want to advertise that the software is an Open Source ...
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Do numbers/studies exist that show, how much music is popularized by releasing it as Open Source?

Music can be shared under open source principles that allow remixing, for instance under matching Creative Commons licenses and on platforms like Soundcloud. It is common sense, that a release as open ...
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How do I attract new programmers?

I am working on a project, currently by myself. It's a side project, I'm not expecting to make money on it. It's posted on GitHub, and I'm going to be building a project page for it. Once it's built, ...
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