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Copyleft licenses for a (new) LaTeX document class

I am about to release a new document class I developed myself. I am currently in disarray about what license can/should be used for such a project. The "default" license used for LaTeX code ...
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GPL compatible alternative to LPPL?

Problem Sometimes, I write latex templates (e.g. to account for department-specific guidelines for theses etc.), and wonder how to license them. Background The IEEEtran latex class is licensed under ...
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The LaTeX project public license (LPPL), version 1.3

I've read through but I still don't really understand how this licence works. Can I use the "work" under this licence in a commercial product?
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Deriving from a GPL LaTeX package

Would it be against the GPL to publish a work (eg. a preamble) that has a dependency on both GPL and LPPL packages? The LPPL is not GPL compatible. Could I argue that the LPPL package is a system ...
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Can I change a LPPL licensed LaTeX file (template) license?

I got this .tex file. I need to edit it so it becomes my thesis. According to the LPPL license, I need to change its name, and state from what name I am renaming. But what do I do about this part? %...
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Can my thesis LaTeX source files contents be under GPL v3?

I want to release all the LaTeX source files (*.tex), when I publish my thesis. I do not want to just release the PDF. So everybody can build my thesis with a LaTeX compiler from its source code. Can ...
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