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Choosing the most restrictive open-source license

I am working on a not open source project. As I truly respect the ideas behind the free software movement, I would like to also make my own works open source whenever possible. However, I am not the ...
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What I should consider about licenses when starting a software project? [duplicate]

I'm trying to come up with all the license-related considerations I should think about when starting a software project from scratch. I believe taking into account the licenses of programming ...
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How to address common FOS license problems? - About creditstealing and ruthless cashcowing

I am a hobbyist software developer and had some disputes with a group of passionate FOSS proponents. Although they didn't manage to convince me, It made me think about what the issues with FOSS ...
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Can I create and use my own license or do I need to publish it somewhere? [duplicate]

I have created a license for my apps: This computer program is licensed under Illuze License v1.0.0 or later. Illuze License v1.0.0 [3rdDec2015] It's simple: -You are ...
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Can I create my own license by modifying an existing one?

I'm taking the following Stack Overflow question and its answers into consideration: Can you create your one software license? My question here however is not creating a completely new license from ...
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