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Should a GitHub issue with a "question" label should be closed once the question is answered at the comment section? [closed]

In GitHub, it is possible to ask a question as an issue. There is even a default label named as "question" for issues like this. Supposing this question as an issue is answered with a text ...
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Does some kind of "Corrections over Evolutions/New Features" quality label exist, giving guarantees about an open source team's behavior?

I've discovered that an open source project I was counting on, was nearly dead by seeing its issues: 80 blockers, 100 criticals, 800+ majors, and a decreasing number of contributions over years. ...
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Should a GitHub issue be closed before or after the fix has been included in a release?

I opened an issue on a Javascript library hosted on GitHub. The maintainer pushed a fix to master, but there has not been a new release since that fix was pushed. Should the issue be closed now, or ...
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Opensource projects using JIRA? [closed]

For my master thesis in software engineering I am looking into opensource projects using JIRA as an issue tracking system. However, other than Jenkins and the projects by Apache, it seems that such ...
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GitHub's "Help wanted" label: What if I want help on all issues?

I have a project with 200 open issues (many more closed), and I want to encourage more people to join and fix issues. Recently GitHub is showing me this: Label issues and pull requests for new ...
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Should I require that new issues be written in English?

English is considered by most to be a lingua franca for the developer community. From time to time issues written in another language are opened on GitHub projects that I manage, which I personally ...
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How can I mitigate or avoid clashes with project maintainers over my bug report(s)?

We keep hearing about the ungrateful job of OSS maintainers and the arrogant users with a huge sense of entitlement demanding slave work for free. While I do sympathise with this sentiment, there are ...
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Policy for feature request in the issue tracker of widely used applications

I've had some experiencing working on open-source software with many active users, our policy for the issue tracker was not to allow end-users to create feature-requests. While this wasn't a popular ...
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How to deal with unaddressed bug reports?

Here's one problem I don't have a strategy yet: I find an important bug in an open source project, contact a mailing list requesting the maintainers to fix it and after a triage, I get no response. ...
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Closing an inactive feature request?

Consider the following GitHub issue representing a suggested feature. Inactive - has not been commented on in four months Not popular - requested by a single person, and no evidence suggests that ...
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How do I stop people from opening questions in the issue tracker?

I'm a collaborator in a pretty popular open source project hosted on GitHub. We have a problem where people constantly show up in the issue tracker and post questions about the library. Dealing with ...
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