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Is HTML-linked content still subject to the CC-BY-SA license?

If someone links to a Github or Gitlab repo in a Stackoverflow post, or a Github or Gitlab gist, is the contained content CC-BY-SA? Let's say I am the sole author of the code on Github/Gitlab? For a ...
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6 votes
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How to credit MIT NuGet dependencies in specific C# project?

the question has been asked many times, but as far as I can tell, answers always depend on the concrete situation. I intend to release an open-source project written in C# on GitLab soon, and I am ...
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How to say thanks in a Git repository

How to make a list of people and companies that I want to thank for somehow taking part in the creation of a repo? A paragraph in What's the header then? A special file? How to name it? I ...
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How to initiate a more simple deb package management workflow in the opensource community? [closed]

Most debian-based Linux distributions are using a quite complex package development workflow. In my experience, it is at least so complex than all the commonly used technologies today for professional ...
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