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GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers free accounts for FLOSS software projects. Use this tag for questions about how working with GitHub affects open source projects.

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Does a BSD-3 repository own Pull Requests?

I submit a large PR to repository X. Later, I close the PR and make my own repository that uses some of X's code, and give X due attribution in the NOTICE file and function docstrings. At time of ...
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Good practises of a knowledge base for users of a scientific open source project: a forum?

I have a scientific open source project in GitHub for a software aimed at creating three dimensional representations of geographical time-space. The tool will be soon in version 1, functional, and I ...
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Selecting the right licensing model

I'm trying to select the correct licensing model for training content I create and currently host on Github. The content may be migrated in the future to another hosting platform or be converted to a ...
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Can I use API exposed in an open source project (MIT License) in a commercial software?

I wanted to use an api that is exposed in an open source project under MIT License.There's no restrictions mentioned for the use of api anywhere in the License neither it says that we can use the api ...
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Does a CLA have to contain the complete name and mailing address of the person that signs it? Isn't having the contributor's GitHub username enough? (mirror) claims that: A CLA should also contain personal information about the person that signs it, such as a complete name and mailing address. Is it true ...
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Which Free-software license should I use in a Unity project located on a public Github repository?

I have a Unity project in a public repository (, and I want to make it open source. Im not sure which license should I use... All code and assets are made ...
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What is the right license if I don’t want to be responsible for pictures

I have this project that I want to make public on git hub for a potential employer, problem is the project contains licensed pictures from site like stock images , I don’t want to be responsible for ...
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Correctly attributing github libraries without specific mentioning

I would to attribue some of the OpenSource libraries that I'm using in my project but I found my self having problems in doing so since it is not written clear (in my opinion). For example, the ...
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Github, how to add license of fonts I am using in a project?

A while back I made a game and uploaded it's project files on Github and added a MIT license to it. So I was just looking at it and realized that the font I am using in it had some sort of license ...
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Is there any considerations against changing texts of standard OSS licenses?

I've noticed that some OSS projects list themselves as licensed under a variant of a BSD N-Clause License. Yet if you would look closely at the license, you would notice they changed it was in the ...
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