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How to deal with copy-left in source-code history prior open-sourcing?

Given the following situation: A software project is released as open-source under a non-invasive license (e.g., BSD 2/3 clause, Apache 2, ...). During the process, the entire Git repository is made ...
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10 votes
3 answers

License violation within git history

What are the consequences of pushing a git repository that has an open-source license violation in its history, but not the current head? Consider this scenario: I have a git repository with some ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What should I do with the copyright details in a codebase when modifying it when it wasn't forked?

So essentially, I once downloaded some script off github, forgot about it, then thought "Why not modify it!" and thus now decided to push it to my github account... Question is though, do i ...
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Is a git repository enough to show changes to the code for GNU-GPLv3?

I want to create a fork of an opensource project. I'm planning to make significant changes to it and I will keep these changes on a git(hub) repository that is available to anyone. As such changes ...
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