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Different and conflicting licenses in one repository

Let me ask you directly using an example: there is a repository LINK that has a top-level LICENSE file with the Apache license. However, in the source files there is this note: This Page can only be ...
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Open code, closed repo?

Has anyone tried to separately license their repository (e.g. Git) from the code that it holds? How did it go? (Sorry about the open-ended nature of the question.) Corollary to this question: what is ...
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Allowances/rules for including binary/compiled files from another OSS project into my own repo?

Long story made short: Have a python based repo in Github currently. It relies on some external software in its compiled/executable form as a simple popen call. Currently it relies on the user to ...
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How do you maintain an open-source and an internal version of the same code?

This question is often asked from the licence perspective, but my issue is more about the practical aspects. I have some code I would like to open source, but there is in the repository some "...
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Ideal way to 'fork' github project but keep it as a standalone repo and not a fork/proper licensing and attribution

So here's the situation: I'm working on a project where I have very specific needs and tasks in mind: A tool I can schedule/automate to archive all/latest Twitch VODS, clips, including chat logs for ...
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How do you work with open core code efficiently in Git?

MPL 2.0 license allows for using open source code in part of a 'larger work' (the closed source), where the 'larger work' is contained in separate files. What is an efficient way to maintain an open ...
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What should I do with the copyright details in a codebase when modifying it when it wasn't forked?

So essentially, I once downloaded some script off github, forgot about it, then thought "Why not modify it!" and thus now decided to push it to my github account... Question is though, do i ...
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GPL: How to "inherit" license from another project?

I'm writing a tool that heavily utilizes Git (without linking against parts of it, or using any of its source files in the code) through the cli interface. I would still like to license it under the ...
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Am I allowed to squash commits in repository with Apache 2.0 license?

The repository of an open-source Apache 2.0 licensed project I'm forking is huge and has a giant commit history, so, for the sake of saving space, I want to just to squash all commits, preserving all ...
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Using different licenses for different branches of the same repository

I have a Git repository with a medium-sized project on GitHub. Since there are some components depending on GPL libraries, the repository is currently also licensed under the GPL. However, the GPL-...
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Can git binaries be distributed and called by a commercial app without providing source code?

git portable binaries are distributed (included in the installer) with a windows commercial app. the app calls the binaries (init, add, commit, push) as command line then handles the output. does ...
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How to say thanks in a Git repository

How to make a list of people and companies that I want to thank for somehow taking part in the creation of a repo? A paragraph in What's the header then? A special file? How to name it? I ...
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Is "Signed-off-by" really needed for a GitHub hosted project?

Suppose my GitHub project requires DCO. In case of DCO, for a "proof" of origin it's usually enough to add a commit message that includes Signed-off-by line. But in case of GitHub it's very ...
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Need feature in PR with failing checks

An open source software I am using has a pull request for a feature that I need, but it has never been merged due to failing checks. Instead of implementing the feature myself, is there any way that ...
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Join as project member on invent kde

I want to contribute some code and design on this app: But I can't push my code on this repository: ...
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How to initiate a more simple deb package management workflow in the opensource community? [closed]

Most debian-based Linux distributions are using a quite complex package development workflow. In my experience, it is at least so complex than all the commonly used technologies today for professional ...
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License violation within git history

What are the consequences of pushing a git repository that has an open-source license violation in its history, but not the current head? Consider this scenario: I have a git repository with some ...
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Is a git repository enough to show changes to the code for GNU-GPLv3?

I want to create a fork of an opensource project. I'm planning to make significant changes to it and I will keep these changes on a git(hub) repository that is available to anyone. As such changes ...
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2 answers

How to track upstream using Git when forking a project?

There is an open source project that I'd like to fork for various reasons. The upstream project uses SVN for source code management, but they maintain a read-only Git mirror on GitHub. I want to take ...
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Licensing of Git(Hub) history

Let's say a Git repository initially has either no license, or an extremely restrictive one, and then a more permissive license (such as the MIT License) is added in a later commit. Does this new ...
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Why GitHub is not opensource when it's use Git that has GPLv2 license?

I have this question after what happened when Microsoft bought GitHub. But GitHub core is not git? I know that when you use a GPLv2 in your program you must have to give your program the same license. ...
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3 answers

Once I did a PR on a repo, should I delete my fork?

I'm working on a free project on Github. I fork it, made some changes, did a PR and everything worked ok (PR was accepted). Then I update my fork with upstream, did some other changes, and made ...
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3 answers

How to deal with copy-left in source-code history prior open-sourcing?

Given the following situation: A software project is released as open-source under a non-invasive license (e.g., BSD 2/3 clause, Apache 2, ...). During the process, the entire Git repository is made ...
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What is the license of the documentation at "" [closed]

I would like to reuse some descriptions from in my own Git instructions manual. This manual will be used commercially. I have found a license for the "Pro Git" book CC-By-NC-...
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