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How can I check if a library is covered by the GCC Runtime Library Exception?

I want to check if a file in GCC that is linked into my program, such as libgcc.a and crti.o, is covered by The GCC Runtime Library Exception. According to the FAQ, I should check its license header, ...
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Confused about GNAT's contradicting licensing terms

After researching GNAT's Ada compiler licensing, I'm very confused. I understand AdaCore's GPL 3 license requires distributing the source if it's linked to the runtime, while FSF's GPL 1 offers an ...
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A use of BSD-headers and linking with BSD-libraries in GCC project

One question about GCC and GPL3. Is it possible to use library's headers with BSD-like license inside GCC project(-fork)? Suppose there is a BSD-library named A (libA), which describes some IR-A. The ...
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distributing gcc together with program

Ok so i have a project which requires gcc to work. I would like to distribute gcc binaries together with program for sake of convenience. What are legal requirements for this. Should i add copy of gcc ...
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Explicit linkage of GCC STL source code in end user's code - GPLv3 + GCC runtime exception

My question is related to GPLv3 and GCC runtime exception. I need to include GCC source code in my project. I am an author of an embedded library that is intended to be built using GCC C++ compiler ...
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Does the use of GCC small macros and linker variables make my work GPL?

when using AVR or ARM toolchains for Atmel microcontrollers, is using GCC macros such as __AVR_...__ or linker variables making my code GPL? I know GCC is covered by "GPL 3.0" + "GCC ...
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How should I contribute to fix a possible bug in an open source project?

My distro (Gentoo) has added a patch to GCC that enables an internal macro. I already have enabled that macro in my CFLAGS for a while. I asked them on their IRC about this issue, that now GCC warns ...
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