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For questions that deals with freedoms normally provided and/or guaranteed by Free and Open Software.

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If I make extensive changes to open source software and open source my changes, can I charge for commercial use of the derived work?

Many of my original nonderived projects are on GitHub and some projects are licenced under BSD, MIT or GPL. They use languages like Python, C and Java. If I wanted to create a new product that was ...
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Is this license compatible with LGPL? [duplicate] The text of the license: You can use this code freely as long as you completely agree with the text of this license and include this ...
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What does Richard Stallman refer to when he talks about a PS3 compelled update?

I am watching this address by Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014. At minute 5:04, it talks about a compelled PS3 update. Sony, he said, compelled the users to update their PS3 system, threatening ...
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Is there a more radical approach against copyright than copyleft?

Up until recently I thought that copyleft supporters totally reject the concepts of copyright and content licensing but now I know that they don't totally reject these and their main goal is to ...
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Is it a violation of the GPL (or any other license) for Linux images on Azure to have 'plans' associated with them in all future copies?

Some images on Azure are 'supported' via a 'plan' (see for example See for example: https://azuremarketplace....
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Are there examples of the free software which are available to run and copy as gratis but source code is being sold?

Think of the software which is being distributed in following way: Available to download gratis and giving the freedom to run the software for any purpose as you wish, the freedom to redistribute ...
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Do the GNU Rules about Nonfree Javascript apply to Server-Side JS?

The page The Javascript Trap describes guidelines for making JS code free/libre. I know that this is considered mandatory in web pages, but do the same rules apply to server-side JS? For example, do I ...
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Is my software still "free" if I charge for its commercial use and not for non-commercial use?

"If you plan to use [some software] on a commercial basis, you must separately purchase a commercial-use license" [1] Assuming the commercial-use and non-commercial use licenses for my software both ...
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Why is the ath10k driver nonfree if it ships with Linux?

I was recently attempting to install Debian, and I noticed it said that my wifi card (a Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174) required nonfree drivers. I was able to find the firmware for these, which turned out ...
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Does GPLv2 allow for prohibiting misrepresentation of the origin

I am a maintainer of dosbox-staging project, which is licensed using GPLv2+. I am considering bundling DOS/32A with my project (as it greatly helps with the emulation of old DOS software). DOS32/A is ...
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Is declaring something one made as "free software" legally binding?

I used an unfree license, but I made a copy paste mistake, declaring that the licnesed stuff is "free software". Is that legally binding = does it grant the licensee the three fos freedoms? Here the ...
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if I include source code with my commercial software, how much will that hurt the height of its sales?

i have an unreleased product i believe to be of great commercial value due to its algorithms. in the future, i intend to do four things in this order: release the source of the software to customers ...
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Can a free software (as in free speech) be not free (as in free beer)?

I was a bit puzzled when I read the description of Notepad++: Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor It seems to give room to the possibility that ...
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Free like free to do what I know and like best - write software? [closed]

Preamble Since this question is behind each second question concerning 'free software', please don't vote to close it. I don't want to discuss it with philosophers or economists or ask it on Yahoo. I ...
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AGPL-like license for datasets

Is anyone aware of (work towards) a license with similar freedom-preserving restrictions as the AGPL, which can be applied to datasets? Some background: The GPL puts restrictions on the legally ...
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Are there consequences of publishing software under a free or open source license?

When you publish software under a free or open source license, you are granting users certain freedoms. With that, it stands within reason there are certain consequences and liabilities, just as there ...
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What is the difference between free as in beer and free as in speech?

In open source the term "free" is often used, sometimes with a qualifier, "free as in beer" or "free as in speech". What is meant with these qualifications?
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How can I make a customer understand that free software involves some costs? [closed]

A common misunderstanding is that free software (replace the terms with "open source software" as you wish) will never involve costs. While this might be indeed true regarding you don't need to pay ...
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