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For questions about Free/Libre and Open Source Software. You can ask about the origin of the word, or it rationale for naming. For general cases, use the [terminology] tag.

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How is selling FLOSS packages for monetary compensation a viable strategy?

This question is about selling FLOSS and its source-code. According to Selling Free Software and commercial purpose, Free Software can be distributed with or without charge. My friend asked me two ...
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AGPL v3 licensing: How does external party determine if modifications were made?

When using an AGPL v3 licensed software within a public-facing web application hosted on a private server, you are obligated (section 13) to share your code if you modify the original AGPL code. Many ...
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What is the difference between FOSS and FLOSS?

FOSS stands for "Free and Open Source Software", whereas FLOSS stands for "Free/Libre/Open Source Software". The use of libre denotes the idea that the software is "free as in free speech, not free ...
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Licence for open-source code which is part of proprietary code?

I've a proprietary program which is using OOP classes which I want to publish as FOSS (only the classes). Which FOSS compatible license I can choose for the classes which will work with my ...
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