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MIT notice in firmware for devices with no user interface

The MIT license says: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. In case of proprietary software, there is usually ...
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How to use LGPL with embedded firmwares?

I am developing a firmware for embedded devices. The project contains many libraries, plus one main executable that uses all the libraries. Each component is compiled individually. In the final step, ...
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Is my system still free if it has nonfree firmware on it?

Let's say I am installing a distro, which comes with two pieces of firmware: free firmware for chip A, and nonfree firmware for chip B. I install it on a machine that has chip A and chip B, but I ...
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Does distributing GPL software along with binary image force the binary image to be GPL too?

So: A hardware device has closed-source firmware running inside it (not based on any open-source code). Computer software to update the hardware's firmware exists, with a GPLv3 license. It takes a ...
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Open Source Hardware software and patent license

I'm working on a hardware medical device which I'd like to open source without giving out my patent rights to potential competitors. I'd like to open source the firmware/software part. What's ...
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Hardware with GPL firmware

I would like to know if selling a hardware product which runs a firmware is considered as conveying that firmware. For example, if I want to use a GPLv3 library statically linked with my own code, I ...
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Open Source libraries inside IC firmware and attribution obligation

I wonder whether Open Source libraries used within firmware burnt (in flash or ROM) in an IC that is sold to customers building products with it requires the final manufacturer to give credits (...
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Are there any open source firmware for Internet modems? [closed]

I've been playing around with my own router and found DD-WRT as an open source firmware alternative for this kind of device but I can't find something equivalent for modems. Can you recommend ...
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Open source firmware (e.g. OpenWRT) supporting manufacturers? [closed]

According to recent news the US FCC has targeted the network devices enforcing manufacturers to lock down firmwares to prevent installation custom firmwares like OpenWRT. You can read the whole ...
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Can you open source firmware for closed hardware?

Can you publish open source firmware for closed/commercial hardware (such as routers, motherboards or basically any device) without asking the manufacturer? A few examples which seem to indicate that ...
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