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For questions about managing the financial aspects of projects, such as pricing and support.

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Pros and cons of Open Collective vs. GitHub Sponsors?

I want to sponsor an open source project on behalf of our company – that is an important detail. The project (Yarn) has both Open Collective and GitHub sponsors, two questions I basically have: Is ...
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Does opencollective have any point for an open source project with a bus factor of one?

So I guess I can have all my GitHub Sponsors donations go through Open Collective, which would result in Open Collective taking 10% of the money that my sponsors are paying me. My question is... how ...
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Costs of commercial vs open source [closed]

I am comparing two types of products, a commercial product and a commercially supported opensource product and comparing the cost over a certain period. The commercial product cost includes ...
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How can a software company cope with more and more customers asking for open source software

My company has invested a lot in R&D over the past 3 years. It led to the development of a system we can use as a base to build custom software for our customers. More and more customers want ...
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Donations and open source projects with multiple contributors

I recently started accepting development contributions to a project of mine on Github. I've had a PayPal donate button on there for about a month prior and received a few donations already. Now that ...
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How can it be that using open source software involves costs?

Munich - one of the biggest cities in Germany - has migrated its infrastructure to Linux, a project called Limux. There was a lot of discussion surrounding this project. In the discussion also often ...
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What costs are involved in an open sourced project compared to a non open sourced project? [closed]

Often if employing a team to program a project you would need to pay: the programmers, office space, etc. My question: In open source projects is it common for the programmers to be volunteers? Are ...
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What financial impact does opening up a book have?

Say you're a writer and you've wrote a lot of books. You release them all for no cost as download on your website (and some shops), but you also sell printed copies. You keep copyrights, but everyone ...
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Why might open source companies use crowd funding?

Often when I see open source companies I notice one of their sources of funding is crowd funding? My question is why is this? Are there not any better methods of income that they could use?
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