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Using SoX requires commercial license

I'm building a Linux embedded OS usingYocto in which I have to include SoX to perform downsampling of .wav files. SoX is under GPL or LGPL license (the downsampling function I use is under LGPL) When ...
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Use of ffmpeg and ffprobe exe files in application [duplicate]

We have written very small application in Visual Studio which uses 2 x FFmpeg commands and 1 x FFprobe command. We plan to include the two exe files as a resource when the application is packaged in ...
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Bug in FFmpeg build allows GPL filter use from an LGPL build can I distribute FFMPEG as LGPL

I have build ffmpeg (4.3) libraries configured for LGPL on multiple OS's looking to be called from my own code using ffmpeg filters to deinterleave video. below is the configure command. ./configure --...
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FFmpeg & AAC licenses & patents

I checked every AAC- and FFmpeg-related question on the entire StackExchange and it's not yet clear to me. In my project, I provide some audio-only content, encoded in AAC, to the end users. Some ...
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Can my proprietary app automatically download a GPL-licensed binary?

I'm developing a proprietary app that will mainly use a dynamically linked execute a GPL-licensed FFmpeg binary. I'm wondering if I can design the app in a way that it downloads the binary dependency ...
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FFmpeg, libx265 and GPLv2/3 binary distribution

I have a question regarding FFmpeg binary distribution and libx265 and GPLv2/3 The FFmpeg documentation says that libx265 is GPLv2-or-later - - but the x265 ...
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Using FFmpeg only for decoding in closed source commercial application

There are already lots of questions about FFmpeg licensing but I could not find one for my specific case. I'm making an application which is able to play video files using FFmpeg (through a LPGL ...
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