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When the project owner offers contribution on an issue that I am not the issue author, how long should I wait?

An issue looks like this: Author: There is this issue. Me: Offer some workaround. Owner: This fix should be made. Someone can make a PR for this. I wait for 2 days for Author to repsond but there is ...
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Tools and methods for getting feedback and building community around open source projects

Hello Open Source StackExchange! I am an open source developer looking to understand how to best get feedback on my open source projects. I am trying to choose effective and easy-to-use tools such ...
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3 answers

When forking an open-source project, what should I do with the maintainers' emails included in the source code?

Let us assume that I am forking an open-source Python library, modifying it, and using it in another closed-source commercial project. The license is Apache License 2.0 and I am including a copy of ...
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Etiquette for an incorrect Pull Request

I recently made a PR on GitHub to a repo of a tutorial since I thought one of the comments was incorrect; but I was mistaken. One of the contributors commented asking how it was incorrect. What's the ...
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I accidentally left a crude, personally-insulting debug print line in a public pull request

It was left there for four hours before I discovered it. Obviously, I fixed that with a force push. What else can I (or should I) do?
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Need feature in PR with failing checks

An open source software I am using has a pull request for a feature that I need, but it has never been merged due to failing checks. Instead of implementing the feature myself, is there any way that ...
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How to send a merge request for a new unit test that fails?

I found a bug in a open source project. The bug is easy to reproduce and as such I have added a failing unit test (the project already uses unit tests) and submitted a pull request. I have not fixed ...
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Etiquette around forks & npm

What is the etiquette around forking and NPM? Consider the following sequence of events: There is an existing open source project published on GitHub (or similar) under some standard permissive ...
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Maintainer ignores PRs but spends a lot of time on Stack Overflow

A popular open source library has lots of open PRs. A maintainer claims that they have no time to look at them, but has time to answer the same library related question on Stack Overflow. Most of the ...
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Guidelines for licensing and attribution for code from an article/blog post

I am following a series of programming articles. In order to understand them better, I type in the code examples and play around with them - sometimes I change the code, sometimes I don't. I also like ...
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Visual Studio compatibility of Open Source project

I'm the Author of a small Open Source nuget package (EnumStringValues, if you care: GitHub, nuget) It's C#, .NET. Written in VS, hosted on GitHub. I've been the only contributor, and it has ~250 ...
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I was told by a project that they only want my help on a few things

I am a young programmer who is interested in many many different types of projects and often start my own projects which are far too large to complete by myself so I went out and tried to find a ...
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How should I continue work on an abandoned open source project?

I've found an open source project (MIT-licensed) that I really loved the idea and the project code base itself, however it seems to be abandoned and people are doing their own forks from it. I did ...
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Is it acceptable to change the implementation language in a pull request?

I would submit a pull request updating a library or a language. I would do so even if there are breaking changes (ex. Python 2 -> Python 3). I would submit a pull request that adds a new library if ...
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Does tracking users violate open source license?

I'm making an open-source software product (that runs natively on a user's machine) and I'm interested in how often the software is being used. What I'd like is: If the software is used for more than ...
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How to release code that depends on an unmerged branch

I am outlining the dependencies in the documentation for a small open source package I would like to release. My package depends on an unmerged branch of scipy that has some special functions that I ...
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What is the proper etiquette for modifying a repo, then publishing it for an unrelated use?

I have cloned electron-quick-start, which is licensed as CC0 1.0 (Public Domain). It's purpose is to help new users to learn Electron. I used it as a scaffolding to make a utility app that I'm using ...
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How long to wait until the contributors will make a PR

I have some #hacktoberfest issues in my project. All of them are occupied by users but mostly nobody made PR. So should I wait until the end of #hacktoberfest or may I ask them about theirs plans to ...
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Starting (not forking) a new project based on a seemingly dead one

I recently forked a small github project to work on an open issue regarding the program's execution speed. I've achieved a substantial speedup, and I'm ready to submit a pull request. However, the ...
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How to indicate that I also have an issue on github?

On GitHub issue page, there doesn't seem to be a place to show that I also share this problem (e.g. upvote, +1) to let the developers prioritize this issue. Is there a way to do this? If know, how do ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Rules/Guidelines about forking a project vs. creating a new one?

After reading these lines: make a new github project (not a fork). merge in the original repository. In this Answer, I was wondering if there are any rules or guidelines when to fork a ...
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3 answers

Is it socially acceptable to star your own repositories on GitHub?

While I'm searching for a new project to start contributing to, I often check the daily email I get from GitHub that lists the most popular repositories of the day and also the repositories starred by ...
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What's the right way to ask if a GitHub project is maintained?

It happens all the time. You come across a useful-looking project that has few or no recent commits, many long-open issues and pull requests, and nothing is changing. How do you usually ask if the ...
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Is there any general open source etiquette, or is it specific to each project?

Obviously, there will be some differences, but are there some points of etiquette that are common to most open source projects and should be taken into account before contributing?
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