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Is it wrong to demand features in open-source projects?

I have been using open-source software, and, the open-source Community is great at maintaining such projects. But, I have observed something in smaller open-source projects. Whenever I demand some ...
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How to fairly distribute a sum of money among the most relevant FLOSS projects to a codebase?

I'm facing a dilemma. As a independent software developer and vendor, I code and sell the product of my work making some profit out of it. It's not much, it won't make me rich, but it's enough to make ...
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Does this constitute a breach in GPL license? Article with GPL licensed software and Journal reviewer guidelines

Here is the scenario: As a researcher you are making a modification to some GPL3-licensed software, and thus if you were to distribute the code, you would need to do this using the GPL (or a ...
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How do I deal with authorship after a fork?

I've forked the protpy package into propy3 in order to make it usable for Python 3 users. I'm not a user of that package myself and have no clue of protein computations. However, in order to make it ...
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7 votes
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How should I store contributor info ethically and practically?

Background I've started a FLOSS project and people are interested in helping out in different ways. I'm considering how to store information about these contributors Information like for example: ...
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How can a repository host comply with a foreign takedown order ethically?

Item C2 in the Free Software Foundation's Ethical Repository Criteria requires that a repository host, such as Savannah or GitLab, "not discriminate [...] against any country". How can this be done ...
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Open Source Textbook Solutions

Is there a licensing model, or common ethic agreement, prohibiting the leaking of solutions to questions contained in a textbook? I was searching for solutions to a question in a very popular and ...
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2 answers

Ethical Open Source Protection

I saw this post concerning the ethical use of software and it brought another question to mind. If I were to release software with an open source license, and someone were to use it in a manner that ...
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Is it ethical to release free, zero-cost software if it will destroy the competitive market?

There is only one program available in a very niche category of desktop software. It's non-FLOSS and does not have some features that I need. I made my own version that has all the features of the ...
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Can I prevent the National Security Agency from using my work?

I am currently working on a research project in a subfield of computer/data science that concerns a topic whose research seems to have worrying correlations with the U.S. National Security Agency due ...
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False Claims and Open Source

I discovered a chrome extension Adblock ultimate, it claims to be open source on the aforementioned webpage. I see that the app was updated about a year ago. Also, a GitHub page is also mentioned. ...
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How to copy a project from codeplex to GitHub

Since codeplex hub is disappearing, some projects have not been moved by their owners to other places. What would be the process of moving someone else's project?
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Encouraging a piece of software to be used ethically

Software is a double edged sword. Is there a way to add a clause to encourage ethical use or a licence that exists in this respect? My concerns are in terms of avoiding harm to someone.
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How to respect user freedom when selling consumer software without services?

By "consumer software", I mean stand-alone software that an end-user would directly download and use on a desktop or phone. No business or corporation involved. I have read these questions ...
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Why is Android frequently taunted as “evil” in the FOSS community?

I keep reading frequent statements to the effect that, in terms of FOSS, Android is “evil”. Most of these are rather unspecific and do not really elaborate (example here). Now I am wondering if there ...
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License that is safe against terrorist groups

This looks like the old question, but IT IS NOT. BSD and MIT licenses are simple and straight forward, but are they safe against terrorist groups? Any terrorist can use our code against us. Can't ...
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