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For questions about DRM, aka Digital (Rights/Restrictions) Management, and its applications to projects.

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What exactly is Tivoization and why didn't Linus Torvalds like it in GPLv3?

I still don't understand what Tivoization is and why Linus Torvalds did not like it. Can you explain to me the big idea of Tivoization?
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Does an application linking to an unmodified LGPL-3 library need to be debugger-friendly?

I currently work on a proprietary, closed-source software suite, which is distributed to customers as part of a larger package (including various hardware and services). The software suite uses LGPL-...
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Any steps required to satify OFL/UFL license terms for a font embedded in an (possibly DRM-protected) e-book (e.g., epub file)?

I'm seeing a range of possibilities here. E.g.,[0] Nothing special needs to be done, based on [1] (and UFL being close to OFL), [2], and an opinion stated under Use an Open Font[3]. Perhaps such font ...
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DRM and "Licensed Rights" for works that contain material licensed under CC BY 4.0

CC BY 4.0 says about applying DRM (or other "Effective Technological Measures"): No downstream restrictions. You may not […] apply any Effective Technological Measures to […] the Licensed Material ...
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Which standard copyleft licences can be applied to Unity assets?

I would like to release a framework for Unity under a copyleft licence but have some concerns. My goal is for people to be able to use the framework to develop their own projects and only be required ...
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Interference of DRM with free & open source software

While visiting the Wikipedia page on Free and open-source software, I noticed the Challenges section from template at the bottom: In which Digital rights management and Software patents seems ...
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Does the GNU GPL 3 prohibit DRM?

Is DRM, which some spell as "Digital Rights Management", others as "Digital Restriction Management", allowed by the GPL? In other words, can software that implements DRM be licensed under the GPL? ...
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Can I redistribute CC-BY works in DRM-protected app stores?

CC-BY 4.0 (and the related licenses with "BY" in their names, like CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NC) includes a clause that says I must not place "additional restrictions" on the work: No ...
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