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For questions about works that derive their core from another open work.

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Can my paid WordPress plugin have a proprietary license?

WordPress is licensed under (GPLv2 or later). WordPress states that all plugins hosted under the WordPress Plugin Directory must be licensed under GPL. We have a Free version of our plugin that is ...
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Is it allowed to statically link to a library licensed under Eclipse Public License 2.0 without publishing the source code of linked software?

Let's say I've developed a library and licensed it under EPL 2.0. If somebody statically links his/her software to my library, is that software considered a derivative/modified work? Does s/he has to ...
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Does the Python license allow to post modified versions of their source code on StackOverflow?

I just posted an answer on Stack Overflow which is largely based on a specific part of a module in the CPython standard library. The Python license seems to be permissive and they also indicate ...
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If one uses an AI model licensed under CC-BY-SA in a program, must the program be licensed under CC-BY-SA?

If one uses an AI model licensed under CC-BY-SA (e.g., MPT-7B-Instruct) in a program, must the program by licensed under CC-BY-SA? mentions: SA – Adaptations must be shared under ...
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GPL3 "code" in css and html templates: Implications for books hosted on the web

Bookdown is a commonly used package for authoring reports, books etc. in the R language (but can just be used for writing anything, if you know Markdown, and you want a way to produce HTML, PDF, ePub ...
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Does a web application avoid becoming a "derivative work" if it loads in an unmodified GPL-2 javascript library?

Say I have a web page: ... <!-- A custom javascript library --> <script src="myCustomScript.js"></script> <!-- A GPL2 javascript library --> <script src="...
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Linking to libtorch/CUDA from a GPL program

I have modified a GPLv3 program to link to libtorch (part of PyTorch). PyTorch is licensed under the BSD-3 clause license. I would like to convey my changes to the original GPLv3 program and the ...
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What is Proper Attribution for Non-code Resources (Academic papers, etc) in OSS?

What is considered the proper way to attribute or acknowledge non-code non-software resources from which part of a piece of software could be considered to be derived (when intending to release the ...
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Can I develop a video game or mod related to 3rd party artwork?

I'm developing a video game with many easter eggs and references to science, technologies, philosophy, and some movies, tv series, animated series, video games, franchises of fictional universes, ...
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Can a database include both ODbL and CC BY-SA works?

The CC BY-SA license is incompatible with the ODbL license. The confusing thing about ODbL is that it seems to pertain to entire databases, rather than to individual works. Is it possible then to have ...
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What are my obligations if I bundle rasterized CC BY 4.0-licensed vector icons in my software?

I'm considering using the free version of Font Awesome in my closed-source game. Its icons are licensed under CC BY 4.0. Because of how the game engine works, the game would embed rasterized versions ...
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What are my obligations if I convey software that calls GPL code (specifically via python import), but I do NOT convey the GPL software itself?

Party A writes some software; perhaps intending to distribute it under the MIT or some other permissive license. THe software uses some GPL'd software. Party A conveys the software to party B, without ...
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