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Questions tagged [creative-commons]

For questions about the Creative Commons licenses and the organization behind them. There are many Creative Commons licenses, so if you are asking a question about a specific license be sure to state which one.

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If I use a CC-BY-SA artwork as part of my book cover art, do I need to share my entire book cover art under a similar license?

I'm confused about the share alike part of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license which states: share alike – If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must ...
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Can I use CC BY-NC software for machine learning and analysis purposes?

I have a task at work which requires me to build AI that can do general game playing. Contemplating this task, I have found several games that I would like to use in doing training and analysis to ...
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Book & Writer data for commercial use (goodreads contradictory behaviour)

I am working on small app for searching authors and their works. I had quite issues with finding reasonable and clean data. Main problem was a licence of usage and since I plan to use data for ...
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Creative Common Attributions and Citing

So if you say write a book and make it Creative Commons non-commercial and someone uses your work, can you legally bind them to cite your name and a notice if the book is changed from the original?
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How to effectively communicate the license of database content?

I'm working on a project make some New Zealand government data available to the public under the Creative Commons license. The access to the data will be directly to a PostgreSQL database (read-only, ...
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Will I get copyright strike for Using creative commons video if the license is changed by the owner?

Imagine that I used a person's "creative commons" licensed video for making a youtube video and uploaded it to youtube. Then after some time, the person decided to change the video's license ...
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Is use of Creative Common's BY-SA licensed database in software 'adaption'?

I am building a functionality in my propriety software for translation of names between Spanish (and other languages) and English. The translation function works by typing words in Spanish which then ...
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Can I license photos of physical products / equipment I took as Creative Commons?

I want to document a scientific experiments I've presenced on a blog post. To do that, I want to give clear descriptions of each commercial equipment used, and using photos would be a great addition. ...
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If I write a class transformer for a project licensed under CC BY-NC-ND, may I distribute that transformer?

If I write a Java class transformer that transforms code from a project licensed under CC BY-NC-ND, is that legal? I am not actually distributing a modified copy of the project, but while a specific ...
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