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Questions tagged [crayon-licenses]

For questions about non-legalese licenses written by programmers either jokingly or to be understandable.

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5 answers

How can a "crayon" license be a problem?

Bruce Perens (co-founder of OSI) has coined the term "crayon license": I've been calling these "crayon licenses", taking a line from an old Monty Python sketch about a dog license ...
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Can I modify an open source license to require that I be notified?

I often use the MIT license for my projects. But recently I've had the thought that I really would like to be notified if someone forked my software, whether it's for personal use, released or not I ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Is Geogebra's "non-commercial only GPL3" license valid?

The license for Geogebra says: You are free to copy, distribute and transmit GeoGebra for non-commercial purposes. Non-commercial use is subject to the terms of our GeoGebra Non-Commercial ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Is the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE) a FOSS license?

I encountered an obscure software license called the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE). (I have used text from version 4 below, but my concerns also apply to version 3.) The license first ...
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What are the requirements of the crayon license for the Penn Tree Bank Tokenizer

The Penn Treebank tokenizer is fairly widely used. It is a solid tokenizer, that is based only on regex. For example, it is a word tokenizer in NLTK. NLTK does not make mention of it in their LICENSE....
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6 votes
2 answers

Including resources with ambiguous license for GPL application

I'm creating a GPL v3 application. I've found some graphics on that I would like to use in the application. The application will be distributed as binary, but with the resources as-is ...
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Is a copyfree license a "crayon" license?

In relationship to my other question What if anything is wrong with the Apache License 2.0? and following on from How can a "crayon" license be a problem? Is a license certified to by ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Using a less common license

In a comment on my question What if anything is wrong with the Apache License 2.0? someone (Zimm) reminded me that its considered bad practice to use a less widely known license. How wildly known is ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Does this license allow the distribution of modified versions?

I have some very old software (not written by me) which comes with a license which is clearly intended as a 'we really don't care what anyone does with this any more' license. The HI-TECH Z80 CP/M C ...
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2 answers

How to interpret a one line license?

In a certain open source project I'm planning to use, which is a developmental tool, there is no license included in the project, but the readme contains the following lines: Terms and Conditions ...
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Can I create my own exception to the Apache license? Is it good practice?

The Apache License v2.0 is incompatible with GPLv2. Instead of dual-licensing or using the LLVM Exceptions, I am thinking of defining an exception to the Apache license that is similar to what is ...
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Copied and modified amalgamation of GPL, Creative Commons, MIT, etc?

Let's say that there are aspects of the GPL, one of the Creative Commons, and MIT licenses that I want to use for a project. Do any of those licenses restrict me from copying the contents of the ...
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Using a "zlib like" license

I am looking at using this nodejs package and it is labelled as "zlib like" with no further information. What, if any, are the implications of the license being zlib like?
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Can I include Jenny Everywhere in a licensed work?

Jenny Everywhere is an "open source" character made before there were Creative Commons licenses. When including her in a work you are supposed to include the Jenny Everywhere Paragraph: The ...
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Can I create and use my own license or do I need to publish it somewhere? [duplicate]

I have created a license for my apps: This computer program is licensed under Illuze License v1.0.0 or later. Illuze License v1.0.0 [3rdDec2015] It's simple: -You are ...
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Can mechanically-generated code be licensed?

If I make a software that generates code like a website creator can I automatically assign a lisence to it with copyright held by some person?Basically can a software generate code and then lisence it ...
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Is a custom license enforcable? [duplicate]

I have written my own license recently which can be found here. If I applied my licence to my work (in the same way I'd apply the MIT license on a GitHub repo for example) would my license be valid ...
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Best way to add modifications over a pre-existing license

Lets say I want to give users the rights given by MIT license but I want to resrtict illegal use and translation to any other language for example. There can be two ways to do it : Modify MIT license ...
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