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What is the correct way to hire someone to create open source assets?

I'd like to hire artists to create some assets for an open source game project. I'd like all the assets I use to also be released under a compatible open source/free content license (e.g. Creative ...
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Excluding open-source contributions from work-for-hire

I'm doing contract work. I'm being asked to sign a standard (AFAICT) agreement that assigns all intellectual property I create to the employer. The context of this work is typical Python and Go ...
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Contract templates for open source work [closed]

Are there published templates or guidelines for contract terms for engagements where the deliverable is new open source software or an enhancement to existing open source software? I have some of my ...
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Standard contract for OSS work

I'm the maintainer/main contributor to a Java library, that is open source software under BSD license. I currently receive no funding for my work in this project, but demand is rising. As a full time ...
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Is there any Open Source Pledges or "stamps of approval" for Open Source Projects to join to show they are ethical?

I'm looking for ways to communicate to my users that our project is committed to making the world a better place. That we don't collect or sell the user's privacy. That we are committed to promoting ...
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How do I require users to license future submissions on sign-up?

Users will submit content to my website. I want them to license that content under CC BY 4.0 when they do, otherwise they should not submit it. Thus, all user-submitted content will be released under ...
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Do I need a highcharts licence if I'm developing software for a non-profit

Highcharts is supposed to be an open source chart project that is free for personal use and for non-profit organisations. For non-profit organisations and individuals it is licensed under the Creative ...
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Threatening with non-renewal of contract when users distribute the GPLv2-licensed software

Scenario: Bob develops patches for Linux. Because Linux is licensed under the GPLv2, these patches are also licensed under GPLv2. Bob distributes these patches only to people who have a contract ...
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Are open source developers at risk of being scammed?

Suppose your client asks you to build open source software for them. You begin doing the work and publishing updates on GitHub, but when you finish they tell you they don't like it and won't pay for ...
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Are there standard templates or clauses to exempt contributed code from rights assignment?

A customer project built on an FLOSS platform or framework (a CMS like Drupal for instance) may require some fixes to the underlying platform if it is pushing the limits or is being delivered on a ...
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How to deal with support of open source solutions in bigger projects?

There are many open source solutions that are supported by an organisation, and that helps a lot when considering trainings and consultants. But when the point is contracts, for a database or an ESB ...
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