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Relicensing from GPL v2 to LGPL v2 - What if I can't contact all contributors?

I am a contributor to a very old project presently in violation of the GPL. Our project is a plugin for a closed-source program, but the GPL does not permit this kind of linking. The project should ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do I handle aggressive or toxic project maintainers?

One thing in OSS I have now run into a few times are project owners or maintainers who are very aggressive. Sentences are taken out of context, asking about a design decision is seen as an attack and ...
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2 answers

IPC between open-source and closed-source applications

We have two applications developed by two teams. One is open-source under GPL, another closed-source without any possibility to open the code. Also there's a requirement to implement some kind of API ...
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GPL Application <-> LGPL Plugin <-> Properietary code

I would like to explicitly consider possibility of having either of Fig.1: (1-A) A GPL application with dlopen-based plugin system. (1-B) LGPL plugin for application (1-A), that is linked to (1-C) (...
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Which communication channel is favorable if I am making my project open source?

I am thinking of making one of my projects open source and I am thinking which communication channel to use. Mailing lists are great, but less on interactivity, IRC is high on interactivity, but ...
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Why most projects are on Freenode?

It struck me why almost every open source project which holds an IRC channel does it on FreeNode. IRC is a multi-server protocol and thus I would expect that reasonably big part of OSS community would ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can license-incompatible program communicate with GPLv2 program via websocket?

I'm writing a program for automation under a license that is incompatible with GPLv2 (it's dual-licensed: GPLv3/Proprietary). Let's call it my automation program. And there is third party GPLv2 ...
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Free mailing list provider for open source projects? [closed]

Are there any providers of mailing lists for open source projects? I know of the following so far: Savannah Sourceforge Savannah requires a GPL project (and that is ok), but the process of getting ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Turning a project from open source to closed source in the early stage of development

I have announced in devRant that I will start an [**]open source project and I give out the link. And the announcement itself at least has 50 views. But after a few weeks, I still don't know what my ...
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Open Source Communication Module with PDF generation

I have a requirement where I need to send html template based emails and also attach some pdf which is dynamically generated from some more templates. This seems to be the most common requirements of ...
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