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Commercial activity is anything to make money. This tag is for questions about making money with Open Source / Free Software, or other interaction between open projects and commercial activity. Warning: Open Source / Free Software can be commercial as well. Do not use this tag to mean not-open-source. Use the [proprietary] or [closed-source] tags instead.

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Can I license my project with an open-source license but disallow commercial use?

I'd like to make my project open-source. Is there a free/open-source license that lets me do that, but disallows anyone receiving my project to use it for commercial purposes or monetary gain? In a ...
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How can free and open source projects be monetized?

Many open source projects I see involve having dedicated servers, as well as the expensive infrastructure that powers it. Many employ developers to work on the software full or part time. What are ...
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Can GPL licenced software be used in corporate environments?

If software is licenced under a GPL license, can it be used without restriction in a corporate/commercial environment? The software that I am refering to is QGIS which provides this description: ...
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How is selling FLOSS packages for monetary compensation a viable strategy?

This question is about selling FLOSS and its source-code. According to Selling Free Software and commercial purpose, Free Software can be distributed with or without charge. My friend asked me two ...
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Is it possible to restrict GNU GPLv3 to non-commercial use only?

I've noticed that the jQuery plugin "Fancybox" has a peculiar licensing note in its header: // Licensed GPLv3 for open source use // or fancyBox Commercial License for commercial use // // http://...
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Open-source license to prevent commercial use? [duplicate]

I could really use some help picking the right license for my project. The project is already released on github under the GPLv3 license but I have been made aware that this prevents uses that I want ...
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Can I use a Apache v2 licensed driver for a commercial project without revealing sources of the project?

I am building a project that will be commercialised. One of the library I use is licensed under Apache v2. To my understanding, if I modify the library, I need to give the source of the library with ...
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Are all GPL Licensed projects free to use for commercial use? [duplicate]

I having a few issues understanding how sites like can call themselves legal. This is basically a site where they purchase themes/plugins from developers such as: WooThemes iThemes Gravity ...
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What are the advantages of making an open source project free?

I was trying to get a program when I found out that you had to pay for it. After some time I noticed that it was also open sourced. This confused me! After a bit more digging I found that I could ...
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Can a free software (as in free speech) be not free (as in free beer)?

I was a bit puzzled when I read the description of Notepad++: Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor It seems to give room to the possibility that ...
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2 answers

How do you sell a hardware product that uses the linux kernel?

I would like to create a Linux based OS for a VR headset that I'm developing. From what I understand, the Linux kernel uses the GPL-2 license which allows for commercial use but it also requires you ...
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Use of GPL licensed driver in commercial project

In a commercial project for our customer, I would like to install a driver on all target machines. The driver is on sourceforge ( The website states that: The Null-...
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Incorporating GPL patches into commercial version of our software

If we distribute our software both GPL and under a commercial license, do we have the right to incorporate third party patches into the commercial version of our software?
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Licensing and publicly hosting commercial software, but free for non-profit or personal use

I am developing a commercial PHP software which I will offer for free for non-profit, open source, personal usage and for self training and I want to make it open source but in the same time it is a ...
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35 votes
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Under copyleft, why distinguish between "free as in free speech" and "free as in free beer"?

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around why copyleft libre software advocates say they advocate for "free as in free speech" software, rather than monetarily free software, when it seems ...
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Selling a book based on CC BY-SA

My company would like to make a book mostly adapted from CC-BY-SA licenced text. I understand this is legal if we distribute the adapted text under the same licence. But what if we add to the book our ...
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12 votes
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Red Hat acquires Ansible - why?

In October 2015, Red Hat acquired Ansible, the developer of the famous configuration management software Ansible, apparently for a price of about $100M. Ansible, the software, AFAIK is licensed fully ...
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Excluding open-source contributions from work-for-hire

I'm doing contract work. I'm being asked to sign a standard (AFAICT) agreement that assigns all intellectual property I create to the employer. The context of this work is typical Python and Go ...
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Shipping GPL'd binaries in commercial product

I've read lots of discussion on shipping commercial products that link against GPLv2/3 libraries, and products that include code from GPLv2/3 software. But I haven't been able to satisfactorily answer ...
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Creative Commons license CC BY-SA doesn't work for commercial content?

I'm puzzled by the "share-alike" clause in Creative Commons license. This license allows free commercial use but "require[s] [] adaptations of the work to be released under the same or similar license ...
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Can someone re-license an adaptation of my CC BY-NC materials under commercial terms?

In the comments below this answer, it is stated that while there is no ShareAlike clause (that would be CC BY-NC-SA), you would not be allowed to re-license Adapted Materials under commercial terms. ...
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How should I approach open sourcing a library from work?

I've developed a small and useful library at work, I have permission from legal department, what are the steps I should take before, during and after open sourcing the project? How would I transform ...
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7 votes
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Using GPL resource (with separate installation) with "commercial" product

I'm building a downloadable digital web product for sale. I want to use an open-source third-party library for my product. This third-party library has two licenses available: GPL Commercial I've ...
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License for R scripts

As long as I understood a piece of code is data for the interpreter and thus according to this Q&A an R script is not automatically licensed under GPL. Is that correct? So if I make an R script ...
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Legal issues about embedded Linux

I am trying to modernize a current microcontroller solution with a new one based on embedded Linux (Debian), running on Allwinner A10 chips. I plan to make a Linux app doing all user-interface stuff, ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can I sell closed source software which uses some CC BY-NC-SA code?

Can I sell software which uses someone else's code which is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported? The software is closed source, and aside from the borrowed code, is ...
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Can I forbid distributing my open source project for less money than I do?

This question is partially inspired by How is selling FLOSS packages for monetary compensation a viable strategy? After reading that question and some of its answers, I was left wondering if there ...
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Can I sell charge a code that link/use a library released as Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International CC BY-SA 4.0?

I wrote a code that use a library release under CC BY-SA 4.0 (Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International). As far as I understand, if I cite them and release the source code as well with my code I can ...
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GPLv2 - licensing for commercial use

I have a few questions regarding the GPLv2 license: For it to be GPLv2, I need provide access to my source files? If I use the v2 license, but charge for use, do users HAVE to purchase my license in ...
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Is it legal to repackage GPL software and sell it on Microsoft Store, like GIMP?

I'm surprised to see people are selling GPL'd software on Microsoft Store. An example is GIMP. GIMP is GPL'd opensource image editing tool. There are some vendors on Microsoft Store have repackaged ...
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Can I use the EPL-licensed library (Paho) for a proprietary project and NOT disclose the source code of the project?

Can I use the Eclipse Paho library (licensed under EPL) for a proprietary project and NOT disclose the whole source code of that project? I'm not going to make any changes to Paho code, I just want ...
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Can I sell my project using GNU GPL v3?

At first, I always developed commercial projects only, so I bad know GNU licenses. Now, I want to make my library available for other developers. And maybe to find co-developers. So, I chosen GNU GPL ...
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Legal to use "research-only" data in an open source product?

Is it okay to use data (for machine learning purposes) that specify that they can only be used for "research-only" purposes (or "non-commercial") in an open source product? If so, is it okay to take ...
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How can I get benefits priority out of my open source code? [closed]

I have a project that I want to publish as an open source project, but as the creator I would like to get a head-start in taking advantage of my work for monetary gain. Can I prevent people ...
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Can I use part of a MIT-licensed library as training data for an AI that will be used commercially?

Background: I am working on a business to provide support for independent musicians, and I would like to use this and this to essentially copy and paste this information as training data (I’m planning ...
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Is it possible to have a non-comercial license, while allowing commercial use of derivative works and further modification of the derivative work?

This is a somewhat complicated situation, and I have trouble finding a Creative Commons license that is appropriate. Here is what I want the license to do: Others should be able to redistribute my ...
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Open Source (A)GPL(2|3) but limit resources or business for others without a paid license [duplicate]

I want to release come kind of computation engine as an open source project. For the whole source and usage, I am fine with the content of the GPL but what I want to make sure: There should be a ...
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WordPress: only built plugin GPL licensed

We are developing WordPress plugins. As WordPress itself is GPL licensed we must publish our plugin as GPL, too. Our complete plugin development environment is built on top of a lot of devDependencies ...
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How much of my code becomes GPL if I use some GPL code and how different does my code have to be to not be GPL?

I'm new to coding and I've found a lot of useful information regarding this question by reading online, but for whatever reason I simply can't find a simple answer to this. It's about using other ...
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Need sellable license-text for "commercial use" of GPL v3 software [closed]

I'm the creator of a software which is licensed under GPL v3. But now I want to sell the software for "commercial use" like Fancybox ( I'm a real noob in ...
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