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Can I notarize my MacOS package that contains LGPL dynamic library?

I am commercial software developer, and my piece of software dynamically calls the LGPL v2.1/LGPL v3 library. Am I allowed to notarize my installation package that includes LGPL dynamic loaded library ...
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LGPL 3 vs Code-Signing: gmp, mpir, [duplicate]

Is there a way, to have the, from my perspective all-important, libraries such as gmp, mpir, mpfr be used in a license that fully supports code-signing? My perspective is that of a curious researcher. ...
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Is macOS notarization compatible with the GPLv3?

Apple's documentation for notarization states that: Beginning in macOS 10.14.5, all new or updated kernel extensions and all software from developers new to distributing with Developer ID must ...
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GNU Lesser General Public License with signed C# assembly

We have a closed source software written in C# that we sell. All of our assemblies are signed. We want to use a third party assembly, that is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1....
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Is it allowed to sign open source binaries?

I would like to deploy OpenSSL, curl and perhaps other libraries as shared libraries in my package. I am a little worried that the someone may replace them with his own and "read" all my data, ...
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DUNS & signing open source application?

In order to be able to sign an application on macOS an organisation needs a DUNS number. At the same time not all open source projects are done by a single lead developer and not all open source ...
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Can I distribute signed binaries of someone else's GPL'd code without distributing the private key?

Suppose I come across Project X on the Internet, which is released under the GNU GPL. I want to compile Project X into a strong-named .NET assembly, which is a type of cryptographically signed binary, ...
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Can any Firefox add-on be free software now that add-on signing is required?

Since the release of Firefox 48 on 2016-08-02, Mozilla Firefox will not run any add-on that has not been signed and verified by Mozilla. This means, for example, that a user cannot modify an add-on ...
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Is GPLv3 violated by releasing proprietary code as a GnuPG-signed package?

I'm working on building a proprietary application that I would like to release as PGP-signed Debian packages. I heard I might be forced to release the source to my proprietary application simply due ...
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How can cheating be prevented in a FLOSS multiplayer game?

Hacking and cheating in online multiplayer games (that use the typical client-server model) is not uncommon. For example, in some first-person shooters there are "aimbots" that allow the player's ...
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