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AGPL and cloud providers

Let's say that you are a service provider (like AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Heroku for example) and you decide to offer a database that is licensed under the AGPL as a managed service. Do you ...
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Can I impose the requirement of a paid license if and only if my software is offered as a service?

I'm getting ready to open source a project that facilitates the deployment, maintenance, and orchestration of data platforms on just about any architecture (locally, on any cloud of your choosing, on ...
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Can I use GPL software to provide a commercial cloud service?

Rather than create my own software, can I just take existing GPL software and provide a cloud service around it? Will that be legal?
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What kind of license is Redis' RSAL (Redis Source Available License)?

The name would suggest it's not FOSS, but source available, which is a pretty low bar. But when I read about it, they seem to suggest that it's really only source available for specific use cases ...
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In the GPL definition, if I host a service on public cloud, does it mean I 'distribute' my service to the cloud provider?

Let's say I have a web service that links to a C library which is licensed under GPL. If I host this service on my own server, then I think I don't have to license my web service under GPL. This is ...
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GPL v2: what does "distribution" mean in terms of cloud apps?

I'm thinking about writing a cloud app that uses wasm-git. wasm-git is licensed under GPL v2. Since wasm-git runs in the browser, users of my cloud app would get a copy of wasm-git when they open my ...
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Difference between MongoDB SSPL and GNU AGPL

I'm trying to understand the difference between the SSPL and the GNU AGPL license, after reading the terms of SSPL. The 13th clause of the license states the following: If you make the ...
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How to find opensource/software freedom GitHub alternatives?

Reviewers: the post was edited, now it asks for the most important selection parameters and not for a list. Now that Microsoft bought Github, I think programmers and coders favorizing software ...
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What did GitHub's CEO mean by "clouds are mostly computers", and what impact on open source?

Announcing GitHub's acquisition by Microsoft, GitHub CEO @defunkt wrote: Open source and business, people said at the time, mixed as well as oil and water. [...] Now, of course, things are ...
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