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The CeCILL (CEA CNRS INRIA Logiciel Libre) is a copyleft free software license having official English and French versions, with the goal of international enforceability while maintaining GPL compatibility.

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Closed version of an originally CeCILL-A code: how can I access it?

The code I am interested in is scientific software released under a CeCILL-A license (equivalent to GPL license). The code is quite widely used in a specific community (which is great and also one of ...
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I have a CECILL and GPL software together with my closed-source software. Can I distribute them together?

1) My closed sourced software calls the GPL software on the command line like so: GPL.exe file. GPL produce output to stdout with the result. My closed source software reads the GPL output. Can I ...
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Is a CeCILL distributor/licensor legally obligated to show the user a license before download?

Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the CeCILL, edited and with emphasis added: 3.1 The Licensee shall be deemed as having accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon the occurrence of the first of ...
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