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23 votes
5 answers

How to fairly distribute a sum of money among the most relevant FLOSS projects to a codebase?

I'm facing a dilemma. As a independent software developer and vendor, I code and sell the product of my work making some profit out of it. It's not much, it won't make me rich, but it's enough to make ...
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Why aren't open-core model easier and cheaper paths for competitors to enter the market?

From When is open sourcing a threat to business?: The short answer to "when is open sourcing a threat to business" is that it is a threat when it allows competitors an easier and cheaper ...
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1 answer

When is open sourcing a threat to business?

As I understand the answer to the question How can free and open source projects be monetized?, the only time open sourcing is not a threat to business is when you dominate the market. Is that correct?...
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Can you publish as a natural person/anonymously/pseudoanonymously under Business Source License(BSL 1.1)?

My question is, can you publish the code under Business Source License(BSL 1.1) as a: 1.) Natural person(not a registered company) 2.) Anonymous (Pseudoanonymously) To sum up; Can I publish the code ...
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How to respect user freedom when selling consumer software without services?

By "consumer software", I mean stand-alone software that an end-user would directly download and use on a desktop or phone. No business or corporation involved. I have read these questions ...
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2 answers

Licensing an Open-source Project and a Hosted version

If I was building an open-source solution and wanted to create a hosted version as the business side of things. What license would be best for me to use? Preferably allowing: Other users to use the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Are there any hybrid open-source/proprietary software licenses and business models?

Does licensing and ownership of software and intellectual property work on a spectrum of extremes and in-between nuances, or is it an "either this or that" decision? Let me give concrete examples ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to deal with situation where your competitors have access to your source code because you developed it with GPL?

I make an industrial machine control product with LCD touch screen UGI. I use embedded Linux, I use GPL license tools. I am using industrial single board computer which is a bought out product. I am ...
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Can I use a CC-BY-SA licensed image as part of my online course's cover (commercial use)?

I'm creating online course about coding with the Express JavaScript framework, whose site and logo are licensed under the CC-BY-SA license. Since my course is about Express, I want to use Express's ...
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if I include source code with my commercial software, how much will that hurt the height of its sales?

i have an unreleased product i believe to be of great commercial value due to its algorithms. in the future, i intend to do four things in this order: release the source of the software to customers ...
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Selling OS Software [duplicate]

We are a startup building a desktop application using Python targeting schools. Morally we want to Open up the source. But we are concerned how we will restrict others downloading for free there by ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Can I use Free Software as basis for a web-service without distributing the source?

I want to provide a service, intended to make me money, based upon free software. It consists of a free plugin (client) and a web-service. The client is published as Open Source, and it is deployed ...
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10 answers

Are open source developers at risk of being scammed?

Suppose your client asks you to build open source software for them. You begin doing the work and publishing updates on GitHub, but when you finish they tell you they don't like it and won't pay for ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What costs are involved in an open sourced project compared to a non open sourced project? [closed]

Often if employing a team to program a project you would need to pay: the programmers, office space, etc. My question: In open source projects is it common for the programmers to be volunteers? Are ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Will open source licenses enable me to choose the businesses model I want?

While I know that some (most) copyleft focused businesses often don't get the opportunity to choose the business model that they want. For my business I want to be able to choose exactly what ...
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