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What are the proper terms for those types of software combinations?

I am writing a python app and I am using external open source dependencies in 2 different ways: A) standard import B) calling an executable as a subprocess What is the proper language to refer to such ...
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Is using a script that installs prerequisites from external repositories considered distributing the prerequisites?

I've developed a python project that depends on several open-source packages (e.g., numpy, and pandas). I want to distribute the project to end-users while ensuring the installation process is easy ...
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Can I bundle a GPL-2 binary (Pandoc) with my GPL-3 app?

I’ve made a GPL-3 licensed app, the source code and binary releases of which are available on GitHub. Can I bundle the Pandoc and Pandoc-citeproc binaries with my app? These binaries are GPL-2 ...
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Licensing a closed-source game to allow redistribution in an otherwise open-source project

tl;dr, how can I bundle a gratis but closed-source game in an otherwise BSD 2 clause licensed free software project? I develop a free software project which is licensed under the BSD 2 clause license....
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Can software licensed under the GPLv2 be included in GPLv3 software?

I'm writing a database library in Java which is licensed under the GPLv3, and I want to include the MySQL JDBC driver in it, which is licensed under the GPLv2. Are there any restrictions stopping me ...
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License for docker images?

My question is explicitly not about the software in Docker images (that should be quite obvious) but about bundling open source software as docker images (-> Dockerfile + build / packing scripts + ...
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Bundling GCC along with my GPLv2 project

Is it legal to bundle the GCC cross-compiler (tar.bz2 file) along with a GPL v2 licensed ARMv4T processor core on Github? The compiler will extracted during simulations to compile C code for the core ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Distributing an operating system DVD bundling proprietary and GNU-GPL software?

Wikipedia seems to imply that Turbolinux bundles proprietary codecs. More generally, under what conditions is it OK to mix proprietary and GNU-GPLv3 software into an operating system, and distribute ...
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Junkware and permission to redistribute modified versions

This article describes a problem with a particular online software hub: The download-hosting site retreated after public outcry, removing the junkware it inserted into downloads of the popular GIMP ...
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