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for questions about the BSL (Boost Software License)

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Understanding the commercial applications of AGPL3

I have a JavaScript library which I want to open source AND potentially make a business out of. I've seen lots of companies that provide open-source software use the AGPL3 license, but I have a few ...
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Can we use a previous release of an open source project when it had Apache 2.0 license for commercial purpose?

If an open source project which had Apache 2.0 license, has now changed its license to non-commercial use license, can we use a previous release(when it was free for commercial use) of the project for ...
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Is copy of code snippet from BSL 1.1 licensed repository to an MIT licensed repository allowed?

Source Repository license: Business Source License 1.1 Destination Repository license: MIT. This is an open-source repo, sort of a library, having a lot of contributors. Code here is used by a lot of ...
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Is AGPL Compatible with GPL for the purposes of BSL License Change

I would like to license two products, one with AGPL, one with GPL. The requirement we have is that we want to keep the initial release until BSL, but thereafter OSS is fine. I believe the most ...
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BSL Copyright Notice

According to the BSL using Boost requires The copyright notices in the Software [...] must be included in all copies of the Software, in whole or in part, and all derivative works of the Software, ...
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Can I distribute Boost-licensed code inside a BSD-licensed file?

I have a BSD-licensed piece of code, and I would like to integrate some code licensed under the Boost software license directly in the file, for reasons of portability. The file contains the full BSD ...
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Licensing a wrapper library

For the current open source I'm working on I need to create a Python package (that I'll be using as dependency) that wrap an existing C++ library released using Boost license. I'll be shipping this ...
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Can software released under the Boost software license be relicensed under the Zlib/Libpng License?

I came across a library on GitHub (now Zlib/Libpng licensed) that is a fork of a library that was originally released under the Boost software license. Is it legitimate/legal to relicense boost ...
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