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The license-specific tag for the BSD family of permissive open-source licenses. Use on questions about them; their origins, use, and design.

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Are 2 and 3-clause-BSD licenses' texts in the public domain?

I've been reading about BSD Lisenses on Wikipedia recently and the article said that 4 and 3-clause BSD Licenses' texts are in the public domain. But there weren't any links that would prove this ...
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Does a BSD-3 repository own Pull Requests?

I submit a large PR to repository X. Later, I close the PR and make my own repository that uses some of X's code, and give X due attribution in the NOTICE file and function docstrings. At time of ...
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How do I use a 3rd party 3-clause BSD license in a LGPL project?

I'm thinking of publishing my project (VSCode extension; binary and source) under LGPL. My code "statically links" a static library that is licensed under 3-clause BSD. Does that work? How ...
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Can I distribute Boost-licensed code inside a BSD-licensed file?

I have a BSD-licensed piece of code, and I would like to integrate some code licensed under the Boost software license directly in the file, for reasons of portability. The file contains the full BSD ...
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Commercial software that includes open-source libraries under different licenses

I am planning to develop commercial software product that will include a few open-source libraries licensed under different licenses (licenses for different libraries different): MIT, Apache Software ...
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How to implement BSD Licensed library to MIT License project?

Currently, i'm facing a problem with library licensing in web development. I have my web project in MIT license. Now i'm trying to use library(javascript) that using BSD 2 License (Source from Github)....
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How should I put attribution or license when using a minified version of code which does not assert copyright?

I am using some JavaScript code under the BSD 3-Clause License. However, the minified version that they provided does not assert the said license. Is it fine if I just copy the license provided in ...
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Redistributing LGPL source code or GPL packages on a BSD Licensed package

I have a python project licensed under BSD-License. On its bottom I use a source code written in C++ which is licensed as LGPL and I have an optional dependency on a python package licensed under GPL. ...
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