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Arguments for using a FLOSS license

I wrote code for an employer which, I feel, would benefit from being released under a copyleft (e.g. LGPL) or permissive (e.g. MIT) license. The code is of general utility and exists well outside the ...
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Does open source contribution push developers to deliver higher quality code?

Let's suppose a developer writes software for a company which wants to open source the project. One might assume that the knowledge of the code being publicly available might have a psychological ...
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Compelling reasons to open-source internal service of a highly recognized brand by just dumping the sources?

Assume you are considering open-sourcing a large service of your internal enterprise infrastructure. Let's say you have the resources required to ensure the minimal requirements are met: the licenses ...
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Getting a company to start discussing open source

I work in a large company which makes use of a lot of open source software and employees a fair number of software developers but does not consider itself to be a software development firm. I believe ...
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What are the good reasons for my company to offer open source code?

I've been thinking for some time now for my company to share code publicly that we use in our projects. Code that is not related to any particular business case, but is useful and often copied from a ...
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Free or non-free distribution, what is the question?

I often read that some distributions contain non-free components while some other are free. As an end-user, I don't understand very well the difference between free and non-free distributions. What ...
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What benefits would there be *for me* to freely license the code of my project but not the assets?

It is not uncommon for the source code of projects to be released, but not the assets. Examples include Doom and Quake and many other games. Now there are many good reasons to do this for the benefit ...
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Are there good reasons to open source "trivial" projects?

Sometimes, I'll start writing some code with no actual expectations about where it will end up or how useful it will be. Is there any point in releasing the code for a small project, mainly done for ...
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