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Use of Spark pictures

In my thesis dissertation, I need to use a picture to illustrate how Spark clusters are built. Ideally, I would like to reuse this picture for illustrating Spark components:
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What is the correct way to hire someone to create open source assets?

I'd like to hire artists to create some assets for an open source game project. I'd like all the assets I use to also be released under a compatible open source/free content license (e.g. Creative ...
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Dual Licensing for Artistic Software

Let's say I'd like to develop an end-user application with which you can create some kind of artistic work (say presentations or drawings). As a fan of the open source idea, I'd like to open-source ...
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Can I use the output of a free for personal use software that requires a license for commercial use in an art project [closed]

As the title says, can I use the output, a jpeg image, of a software which states it can be downloaded free of charge for academic, government, nonprofit, and personal use, but which requires a ...
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How does a cooking recipe and a software recipe (source code) differ from other kinds of data?

I understand that it is commonly believed that cooking recipes and "software recipes" (source codes) differ from other kinds of potentially-computer-memorized-data (such as a romantic song ...
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Do I have to distribute intermediary formats of my adaption? [duplicate]

There's a website that I really like which is licensed under CC-BY-SA. I've always thought it would work really well as a physical book too, and so I've decided to try to make it happen. I'm planning ...
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Free Art License Proper Method Of Attribution For An Image

I am working on an (as of yet) small project, a wallpaper generator that overlays SVG images like stencils on solid backgrounds, and I am unsure of how to properly go about licensing the art (largely ...
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Media: What are the arguments for using a software license?

This is somewhat inspired by this: Does a GPL image “infect” my blog post? and the Google Material Design Icons. The latter is a very well known project. The first question deals with a picture ...
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Using company logos in open source projects?

I want to create an open source custom home page and I need to use logos (such as Google's) to link to their sites. Can I use them freely, or should I check individually, and if it is the latter, how ...
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What kinds of products can I release under a MIT License?

I've been searching a lot recently about open licenses, because of college work, but now I want to release some personal stuff and I want to know just what can be licensed with a MIT license. Most ...
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How do you use GPLv3 icons in non-software artwork?

Icon sets are often released under software licenses. For example, I use the Numix icon set, which is GPLv3, on my laptop. Suppose I wanted to use these icons to create a derivative non-software ...
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Can I completely ignore the license for graphics that are ineligible for copyright?

I am looking at some highy geometric flags used by the the extended LGBT community. Many of these are not able to be copyrighted (according to wikimedia) Because the consist only of: Choice of Color ...
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Is it possible to stop the removal/modification of my project's logo?

I am working on open source tool for which I want users to not remove or change product logo. Is this possible? I had originally asked my question here at Stack Overflow but it was recommended that I ...
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