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If an AI is trained on code under a specific license (e.g. MIT) would it be legal to use the generated code under that same license? [duplicate]

I wonder if it would be legal to train AI code generators on various code bases separated by license and then get assistance on your project by whatever model complies with your project's license. ...
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Can I use part of a MIT-licensed library as training data for an AI that will be used commercially?

Background: I am working on a business to provide support for independent musicians, and I would like to use this and this to essentially copy and paste this information as training data (I’m planning ...
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Commercial usage of sentence-transformers/multi-qa-mpnet-base-cos-v1

We are trying to use a HuggingFace Embedding model - multi-qa-mpnet-base-cos-v1 for an internal Large Language Model powered application. While reading the documentation it says (not verbatim): For ...
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Creative Common license excluding non-humans, excluding web scraping?

The Creative Common license (and other licenses as well) gives (or not) authorizations to other humans to use, adapt, and modify licensed work. However, more and more, the licensed work is being used ...
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If one uses an AI model licensed under CC-BY-SA in a program, must the program be licensed under CC-BY-SA?

If one uses an AI model licensed under CC-BY-SA (e.g., MPT-7B-Instruct) in a program, must the program by licensed under CC-BY-SA? mentions: SA – Adaptations must be shared under ...
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Is there a license that explicitly exempts AI from all conditions?

Are there any FOSS licenses that explicitly allow the use of the software as AI training data with no restrictions, and explicitly disclaim any copyright interest in the output of the AI? I'm ...
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