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The Apache 1.1 license is a license created by the Apache Software Foundation. Use this tag when the item in question relates to this license. The requirements of this license can be found at

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9 votes
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Can I make my own license? [duplicate]

I was getting frustrated because I really wanted to use a GPL Family license for a piece of software I am developing. However, some of my target audience, OS Developers, are closed source (looking at ...
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Given the existence of the Apache license, and the reasons for it over MIT/BSD license, is it still safe to use MIT/BSD?

Apache license exists as a permissive open-source license as opposed to MIT/BSD license with the perceived benefit that it also protects authors from patent violations. Although I think I read ...
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6 votes
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Can an NPM package have an MIT license on github if it depends on MIT packages with BSD-2, BSD-3 and Apache 2 licenses

I am trying to understand if an NPM package can be open-source on GitHub with an MIT license if it depends on NPM packages that are open-source on GitHub with a BSD-2, BSD-3, Apache 1 or Apache 2 ...
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Apache-2.0 and Apache-1.1 compatibility

Can I use a package of Apache-1.1 license and a package of Apache-2.0 license and distribute the resulting package under Apache-2.0 license? Is there a conflict between Apache-1.1 and Apache-2.0?
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