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Open-source license to prevent commercial use? [duplicate]

I could really use some help picking the right license for my project. The project is already released on github under the GPLv3 license but I have been made aware that this prevents uses that I want ...
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Is a software open source if its source code is published by its copyright owner but cannot be used without a commercial license? [duplicate]

Suppose I wrote a commercial program, and I publish its complete source code on my website. I retain all rights to the source code. No one gets any distribution or usage rights. They only have the ...
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Open-source license (probably not FLOSS) that allows "use in a commercial context" but disallow "to sell the software or modified versions"? [duplicate]

"Non-commercial use" could mean two different things: "Don't use the software in a commercial/business context, but only for personal use (i.e. at home)" "In the case you ...
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Are there licenses which restrict sales/commercial use of software in UNmodified form? [duplicate]

I am working on a project whose source code I intend to release on GitHub, but I might also like to sell the binary on an app store. I would like to prevent others from simply copying my code and ...
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Open Source license which allows only me for commercial use [duplicate]

I'm developing an application. I want to open source my application for non-commercial use in Github(I guess GPL v3). And I want to retain the rights to redistribute the same software with some ...
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Which license allows usage in end products (aimed at consumers) but not tools aimed at developers and companies? [duplicate]

I developed a project and I want to make the source code publicly available. I want everyone to be able to use the code as they see fit when used for developing end products (not sure if this is the ...
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Copyleft license that explicitly disallows monetisation [duplicate]

I plan to open source a full-stack project (hardware schematics + firmware). I want to find a way of open sourcing it with a copyleft-style license that allows anyone to use, modify, and redistribute ...
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Disallowing FOSS code to be used for certain purpose [duplicate]

I want to release my proprietary software as open source but don't want people to use it with the same purpose as I do, for example imagine you have made a video streaming app but you want to be the ...
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Choosing appropriate license for my project [duplicate]

I’m planning to write an open-source OS. So these are the thing I want to include with my license: For non-commercial use, I give users unlimited rights to copy, distribute, edit my OS, but they must ...
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A license that gives you credit to the code forever with minor changes [duplicate]

I'm new to licensing and open source as a whole, so please be patient with me. Let's say I have created an organization on Github that's called "Organization X", under that organization I ...
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Why can't I distribute my application und a license of my choice when I accept contributions? [duplicate]

I have an app that I want to make open source, as in the literal definition of the code being public. Github says that if you don't apply a license, it's copyrighted by default. I want that, to be the ...
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License that grants free use for non commercial purposes but asks for some money for commercial use [duplicate]

I have developed material to teach a programming class. It is an old style class, thought for a teacher teaching to students, with slides and examples. The material is made of a website, where the ...
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License for R Package in GitHub [duplicate]

I would like to ask a question about package licenses in R. I have a package in R (in GitHub), and I offer a course on how to use it, as well as other topics in my professional field, which have been ...
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Sell app, but make source available for the curious [duplicate]

I'm working on a desktop app. It's a passion project today, but I'm hoping it'll be part of my path to becoming a full time indie dev. In my development process, I've benefited a lot from looking at ...
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Choose or write a proper license [duplicate]

Is there a proper license (I have already checked MIT, LGPL, CC licenses), which fits the following needs (conditions), or it has to be specify some way? BY (from CC): Attribution needed SA (from CC):...
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