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Can you commercialize your own GPL product? [duplicate]

I've been wanting to make my own open-source project under the GPL. However, I was thinking of making a paid "professional" version that adds features that are closed-source. Is this possible? Edit:...
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How do open source developers earn money? [duplicate]

I am wondering what the different revenue sources for open source projects developers are. More precisely, can one live by working only on one or more open source projects? Edit : For those ...
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How to build a business around an open source project? [duplicate]

I am working on a web app that is currently open source (MIT) and I would like to keep it that way. To date it's been a hobby thing but I'd like to be able to spend more time on it (I have a 1 year ...
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How does commercial GPL software work in practice? [duplicate]

A small independent company develops an innovative product, licensed under GPL. A sizable investment of many months of R&D to bring the initial release, and a non-trivial cost to maintain and ...
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Selling OS Software [duplicate]

We are a startup building a desktop application using Python targeting schools. Morally we want to Open up the source. But we are concerned how we will restrict others downloading for free there by ...
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Why did Google make Chromium Open Source?

This question really baffles me. What advantage does making it Open Source bring? Aren't they worried someone can learn the secrets in their code and make a competing version of chrome?
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How can I determine if two open source licenses are compatible with each other?

Given two open source projects, each with different licenses, are there metrics or resources I can use to determine if it is legitimate to copy code from one of the projects to the other?
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Preventing people from forking and profiting over minor changes

Twinone App Locker is an Android app. It used to be open-source, released under an Apache 2 License. It was ad-supported. People forked it. If I understand correctly, they tended not to make any ...
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How can a software company cope with more and more customers asking for open source software

My company has invested a lot in R&D over the past 3 years. It led to the development of a system we can use as a base to build custom software for our customers. More and more customers want ...
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Can paid-for Open Sourcing be a viable model for a freelancer?

Open sourcing doesn't necessarily mean that you give away your source code for free. I am wondering about the business model where your code is made public, free for personal/hobby use, but with a ...
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Should I use a permissive license if I might charge for my product later?

Background Suppose I am working on a piece of open sourced software. Suppose I am unsure whether or not I want to sell it in future versions. My question: Would using a permissive license make it ...
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How could the open source business model work with games?

The question "How can a large open source project be monetized?" already addresses many ways to make money with open source development. However, in the context of game development, most of these ...
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Opensource license ownership and collaboration

If a person releases their source under some Open source license. And later if another person contributes to the project through a pull request (in Github). Then, does the contributor gets a say if ...
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How can I build proprietary software on top of open source software? [closed]

Lets say that I want to use Linux kernel, but I want to create some proprietary code on top of it (like create a Linux distribution) and later on sell it combined with the Linux kernel (like Mac did ...
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Move from MIT license to a new one

I want to move from MIT license to a new one, with this goals to reach: Leave the project free to use for individuals and small open source companies Let commercial companies pay some money for using ...
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