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Using partially open source program/s and non open source programs, together in a project to be commercial?

In my case I'd like to use an open-source music program to make some music for an android app. When I later want to publish this app on the app store, this does mean I cannot use a normal copyright ...
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On Mac OS X, if a resource is created or edited with the GPL-licensed Rezilla utility, is the resource a derivative work of the Rezilla software?

On the Mac OS X platform, there is an open source resource editor utility called Rezilla. For those that are unfamiliar, a lot of the Rezilla utility’s functionality is similar to that of the ResEdit ...
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How do you legally get data out of a GPL or AGPL program?

After talking to a lot of people, they seem to give the impression that once the data goes into a GPL licensed program, it can only be extracted from that program by GPL licensed software. I am told ...
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CC-BY-SA 3.0 and (A)GPLv3

I'd like to ask a more general question and then I'd like to ask a more detailed one based on my specific case. Suppose that I'm writing a software I'm planning to release under the terms of the ...
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Can you use code on GitHub for commercial purposes?

so I want to use the code in GitHub to help with my project, I don't sell the code or others I only need the output for my project. in the readme file, the project is built upon A, and B (other GitHub ...
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Are weights of a neural network derivative work of the GPL-3 training framework?

I could not really find a satisfying answer here yet, this question touches it but kind of reversed. For example the training framework for Yolo v7 is used to train a neural network using the config (...
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License Comptatibility with GSuite?

Are websites made with Google Sites compatible with GPL 3.0? A prospective user can create a web site with Google Sites using the web editor, but the HTML output, which may be interprited as the ...
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Do i need a license, for parsing a command/program that is not written by myself? [duplicate]

// Example in c++: string cmd1 = "sudo dmidecode"; string cmd2 = "sudo nethogs -t -s -a -d 1"; string cmd3 = "sudo intel_gpu_top -J"; FILE *pipe = popen(cmd1.c_str(), &...
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FFmpeg & AAC licenses & patents

I checked every AAC- and FFmpeg-related question on the entire StackExchange and it's not yet clear to me. In my project, I provide some audio-only content, encoded in AAC, to the end users. Some ...
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Are works created using GPLv2 licensed code considered derivative of the code? [duplicate]

Consider that I write some code which generates 3D models, and release it using the GPLv2 license. Someone else then sees value in my code but wishes to change it and so they modify it to their ...
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In what cases do open source licenses conditions apply? [duplicate]

Apache v2, MIL, GNU, and many others. They all have certain conditions you have to follow. But in what cases? What if I want to use Apache v2 (for example) software that generates... let's say images. ...
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Using data generated by an open-source GPLv3.0 software [duplicate]

I'm looking to build a web app that allows users to upload and share JSON data. The JSON data generated and exported by an open-source app licensed under GPLv3.0. Before I begin building, I want to ...
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Developping a Qt game engine under GPL-3 license: can I force users to pay a fee if they want to commercialize their games (software output)?

I'm using Qt Open source so I have my software under GPL-3 license. I would like the engine to be free for users that are not using their output games for commercial use. For commercial use, I would ...
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Is an output of a program (almost) always not bound to its generator's license? [duplicate]

As far as I understand, it is well accepted that, for programs that are licensed under the GPL, the output of a program does not necessarily have to follow the GPL. This is confirmed by the "...
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Can I use GPL v3 licensed software to create my commercial product? [duplicate]

Note that I am not modifying or redistributing the GPL3 licensed software, nor am I selling it. I am merely using it to create a different product, which contains the output of the software for ...
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