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Can I rewrite the Linux kernel by hand and modify it to escape it from the GPL? [duplicate]

If I took the linux kernel, rewrite it and changed the order and file names and some other stuff, and destroy the original linux kernel, will the new kernel be subject to the terms of the GPL? tl;dr: ...
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Can someone fork my GPLv3 code, rewrite the entire thing, and change its license to MIT? [duplicate]

Their fork in question is: My original upstream code is: First, I am aware of the two related ...
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Getting rid of copyrighted work with incremental rewrite [duplicate]

I wrote an open source software (BSD-licensed) for my company, developed during business days and hours. The copyright belongs to my company. Now for some reason my company is no longer interested in ...
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Do significant changes to code allow a license change from 3-BSD to something else? [duplicate]

Suppose person X writes some library foolib, licensing it under the 3-BSD license. Person Y now takes the foolib sources and develops it further, making significant changes: More functionality, ...
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Is there a legal definintion of a file?

The MIT, GPL, and Apache Licenses all make references to "files". Here are example of such references: (all emphasis added) MIT: Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person ...
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How much changes are required for the "editor" of an open source software to become the new owner?

I think I read somewhere that if you modify the source of a software enough, you become the owner ("author") of that source. First I'd like to make sure that this is correct. If not, then the point ...
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Do you retain copyright in a project even if all your code has been rewritten?

If somebody has participated in an open source project, and has previously contributed several lines of source code but all those lines have now been completely rewritten and/or deleted so that all ...
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At what point is software 'different enough' to exclude BSD license notice?

I ported a MATLAB repository to Python, with former having this two clause BSD License reading: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the ...
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Do I have to comply to license in a completely modified "example code"?

I used the official code example as a starting point to write my own library. On the first few lines : /* * Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project * * Licensed under the Apache License,...
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If I start with GPL code then gut out and rewrite a few modules at a time until there's no GPL code left what are my obligations under GPL? [duplicate]

I start with a working GPL project. I wholesale gut out modules and rewrite them from scratch. Sometimes my rewrite would combine a few modules into one module. Other times my rewrite would subdivide ...
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