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Can the license of a work with open source license be revoked? [duplicate]

Say I have a work released under a FOSS license, can I revoke this FOSS license and release the work under some proprietary license? If yes, what happens to copies of work already under circulation ...
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BSD 3-Clause License Changed to GNU General Public License v2.0 [duplicate]

I had previously downloaded an open source project under the BSD 3-Clause, which I am planning to make use of in a commercial product. As far as I understand, this license will permit this in a closed ...
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Can I ignore an open source license if I checkout a version that was released prior to the code having any license?

There's a package on Github that was released fully without any license and it stayed this way for close to a year. Then just recently after no updates since the initial commit, a License was added. ...
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Can I relicense my own GPL code into Apache/MIT? [duplicate]

Suppose that I distribute my own code with a GPL license, even though the code use just external MIT or Apache code. In particular, no preexisting GPL code is in it. Can I later relicense it under ...
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Contributor asking to remove their contributions

I have a project licensed under the LGPL-3.0. A major contributor recently stopped contributing, and is now requesting all their contributions to be removed from the project. All the code in the ...
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PySimpleGUI, until now, has been distributed under the GPLV3, but just became a subscription model. How does that work?

PySimpleGUI, a GUI framework for Python, has previously been published under the LGPLv3. They just announced that they are changing to a subscription model with PysimpleGUI 5, and that previous ...
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Can the GNU LGPL be removed from a piece of software?

Maybe I'm searching with the wrong terms, but can the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE be removed from a software project like this browser extension? The commits in question are these https://github....
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How to change the license of a project from GPL to AGPL

Situation: A web based project, providing network service is currently under GPL license. Some people have made a fork and are hosting their forked service without sharing the code, which original ...
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How is the wow.js fork free, while the original project is not free?

I searched for a library to manage browser scrolling. I came upon If you look at the bottom, it says it's free, and on its GitHub page the license is MIT. However, it's a project ...
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What is the legal status of a repository that deleted its license?

I created a fork of a repository that hadn't received a commit in ~4 years. Three weeks ago (and after a 7 year hiatus), the repository owner deleted the MIT license in the repository. The commits I ...
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Can ActiveState forbid me to use python?

... there came one question up in my mind? Can ActiveState forbid me to use python versions downloaded from this page Especially for Windows and Linux? I ask, ...
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Can I legally transfer a repository to someone else? (MIT license)

Assume I have a repository with MIT licensed code where I have written the vast majority of the code but several others have made small improvements through pull requests over the years (including ...
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Can a LGPL project use contributed code after the original contributor withdrew it and was banned from the project?

"Project A" is released under LGPL ver 2.1 or, at user's discretion, above. This project is part of a bigger platform. "Contributor A" submitted a highly-popular merge request to ...
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Does the license of a released product / artifact change with the content of a webpage?

Many products / artifacts point to a webpage to declare their license. e.g. The content of the webpage can change at any time. Does that mean that already published ...
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Cloud and AGPL question

If a SaaS product is created using the code from a GPL project and is fully maintained by that company, what would happen if that GPL project has its license updated from GPL to AGPL? Does the AGPL ...
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