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Can I relicense my own GPL code into Apache/MIT? [duplicate]

Suppose that I distribute my own code with a GPL license, even though the code use just external MIT or Apache code. In particular, no preexisting GPL code is in it. Can I later relicense it under ...
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Can I change license of my GPL project? [duplicate]

I have created a project from scratch and made it available online under the GPL license. Can I release a new version of the same project that does not have the GPL license? I would also like to know ...
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How can i change the license of an open source project? [duplicate]

What is the good way to change the license of an opensource project? I guess it depends of the agreements of the contributors Do i need 100% approval? What if one contributor disagree or one ...
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Is it possible to close an open source project?

If yes, what are the consequences of Open Source projects being discontinued, if it's done by a large organization? As per this post, the older version of project can still be used under the same old ...
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Can I license a project which I have already released without a license?

If I have put my code in one of the online repositories and have made it public but haven't licensed it... (to which the policy is that you retain the copyright). Is it enough to just commit a ...
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Are there any existing licenses for a limited proprietary period, going open source in the future?

I'm interested in a license that says something like "After the 1st of January 2020, you may distribute this work under the terms of the GPL v3" (or some other open source license). I'm interested in ...
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Can the GNU LGPL be removed from a piece of software?

Maybe I'm searching with the wrong terms, but can the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE be removed from a software project like this browser extension? The commits in question are these https://github....
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Relicensing open-source software

During my PhD at a research institution I developed some software that I made public under the LGPL license (upon advice from the law people at this institution). I then moved to another research ...
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What happens when a GPL licence is changed to a LGPL?

I'm using an open source library under GPL in a closed source project. If the libraries license changes from GPL to LGPL, does it mean the previous code (written when the library was GPL) should be ...
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Can a GPL license be converted to Proprietary by the author later?

Can the author of software make it proprietary after making it gpl?
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Source-only distribution of MIT-licensed project which depends on GPL library

I'm trying to understand exactly when a work becomes a "derivative work," and how it affects licensing of my project. In my situation, we have a scientific code that we have written which is ...
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Can I change my project's license before release?

I started my project with the GPLv3 license, but I haven't released or made available any code related to it yet. As I move further along in my project, I am starting to realize that it is something I ...
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Relicense a GPL 3 project which has other contributors

I am the author of an open-source program. I am the primary author, and the repository on github is owned by me. There are however, ~3 other individuals who have made a few dozen commits into the ...
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Copyrighting open source code using a business name vs as an individual

I'm the only developer working on an open source project (MPL v2.0 license, not sure if it does matter) and I have a single-person LLC I use for some consulting works. What are the pros and cons of ...
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Matching Licence Model [closed]

I have coded a program (Java). It consists of two piece a Main Component and the Calculation Component. Limitations for the Main Component: closed source code no commercial use no allowed changes ...
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