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Non-commercial licensing recommendation [duplicate]

I am in the process of creating a project that I would like to make open source for the community. Ideally, I would like to restrict the use of my code to non-commercial use only. Is this possible? ...
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How to license a mashup? [duplicate]

I have designed a mashup that uses open source software. A substantial part of another open source project was used and the software of that project was made available under the MIT license. There is ...
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Should I include license text in a single file or all source files?

Many licenses, such as Apache 2.0, have both a long and a short form. Typically, the long form is included in the repository as a single LICENSE file, and the short form is used in the actual source ...
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How can I place software in the public domain

I know CC0 and the WTFPL for example exist to grant all rights associated with the public domain, without placing it in the public domain, because this is difficult, or in some cases impossible. I ...
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How to best indicate license of source code and copying terms of binary when multiple licenses are involved?

Suppose I have some open source project which makes use of both GPL and MIT licensed components. The source code of my project is also MIT licensed (not copyleft). What is the right way to indicate ...
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Copying a file from an open source project

I want to copy a file from a project licensed under a New BSD license. My own project is licensed under an MIT license. The file is simple batch script for locating build tools and starting the build. ...
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Can I copy code licensed under Apache 2 to a project licensed under MIT? [duplicate]

I found a useful class in a project that is licensed under Apache 2.0. Can I copy it to a project licensed under MIT license? Add the library as dependency is not an option. Ideally the answer should ...
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Software licence to limit use/modification of parts of open-source code?

Is there any software licence (GNU, MIT Apache etc.) that could be readily used or modified to allow to impose limitations of the specific use/modification of parts of a source code that otherwise is ...
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Licensing a project which is still under development

As the title suggests I'm a bit confused when it comes to licencing in the middle of development. Say the following situation (for the sake of argument I'm the only contributor): I make a project ...
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Do I have to include the PSF's notice of copyright?

I have a class which inherits from one in the standard library of Python 2.7.6. I would like to meet the conditions of the license of that code, which is the PSF LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR PYTHON 2.7.6 ...
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