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Can I make my own license? [duplicate]

I was getting frustrated because I really wanted to use a GPL Family license for a piece of software I am developing. However, some of my target audience, OS Developers, are closed source (looking at ...
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Can I create and use my own license or do I need to publish it somewhere? [duplicate]

I have created a license for my apps: This computer program is licensed under Illuze License v1.0.0 or later. Illuze License v1.0.0 [3rdDec2015] It's simple: -You are ...
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Is a custom license enforcable? [duplicate]

I have written my own license recently which can be found here. If I applied my licence to my work (in the same way I'd apply the MIT license on a GitHub repo for example) would my license be valid ...
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Is this license compatible with LGPL? [duplicate] The text of the license: You can use this code freely as long as you completely agree with the text of this license and include this ...
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Is there a generally accepted "anti-copyleft" clause or license?

I would like to publish code for an application under an open source license like BSD, MIT, or Apache 2 which allows for changes and derivative works to be contributed back to the open source project ...
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Choosing the most restrictive open-source license

I am working on a not open source project. As I truly respect the ideas behind the free software movement, I would like to also make my own works open source whenever possible. However, I am not the ...
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Appropriate licence for later merging back

I am a library developer. I want to open source it soon, but I'm not sure what license will work best for me. My main concerns are: I want to provide a commercial license for somebody who is willing ...
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Copyfree Open Innovation License compatibility

I'm interested in the Copyfree Open Innovation License as a simpler alternative to Apache 2.0 (it is a permissive license with an explicit patent grant). But because it's not so popular, not much ...
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Are licenses affected if the author adds conflicting clauses alongside?

I see this one quite a lot: an author releases something under a standard free/open license (i.e. not a crayon license), but on the same release page adds a clause that conflicts with the license. I.e....
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"Pure Copyleft" Software Licenses? (with no additional restrictions)

TL;DR How can we replace the GPLv3 requirements of source disclosure + explicit license copy with something more subtle like "This work allows the users [...], and any derived work (recursively) ...
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How can I protect the code from being 'rephrased' by AI to avoid license limitations?

I'm thinking of such issue (from the position of an open source/source available software developer). In our days it is very easy to rephrase every text with the help of AI so that the meaning remains ...
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How do I release code written for a company to the public?

I'm working on a Unity project for a company and, while doing so, I wrote some code that I think would be cool to have it on the internet, free to use. But I never released something that is owned by ...
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Ramifications of the proposed new SE licensing model

Like many other people I read this meta post. Since I don't really understand what is at stake I became confused and worried. Does this mean that I can legally force any organization to let me see ...
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If a project is forked and its license is changed, which license should be followed?

We have seen a lot of open source project on GitHub. But what would happen if someone fork a project and modify & improve from it? For example, if an original open source project creator states ...
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Is the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE) a FOSS license?

I encountered an obscure software license called the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE). (I have used text from version 4 below, but my concerns also apply to version 3.) The license first ...
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