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Can I relicense an abandoned GPL project if the copyright owners are no longer responsive?

Suppose I want to use GPL-copyrighted software in a closed-source project. With actively maintained projects I can contact the copyright holders to see if I can work out an agreement with them. But ...
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Use GPLv3 library in a closed system (no software distribution)

I'm developing a software that will be preinstalled in a headless PC. The user will see the "output" of the software processing (sent with a given protocol via ethernet), and can configure some ...
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What is derivative work? What is "build upon"?

I have been reading up on Open Source licensing, but there is this one term that I think needs clarification: when is work derivative? If I have an image viewer that accepts a ZIP file and I ...
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Distribute the code as closed source and the end users download GPLv3 dependencies separately

I check the FAQ page of GNU Licenses but cannot find the answer. If someone is using my code (in Python) that is released under GPLv3, does s/he violate my GPLv3 rights if s/he uses my library ...
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Can a non-GPL python program use GPL Python module?

Suppose I have a Python library which is distributed under the GPL license. I would like to use that library in my program, that I may eventually want to distribute under non-GPL terms. The library ...
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What are the arguments for considering dynamic links to constitute derivative works?

The status of programs which are dynamically linked with Copyleft licensed binaries (such as a .dll) is contentious. I have created two questions for each side of the debate. The other can be found ...
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What if I don't know whether my program will be linked to a GPL library or not?

Suppose a program uses an API which has two implementations: An MIT implementation which uses GPL libraries A newer version of it which no longer uses any GPL libraries Neither is distributed along ...
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GPLv2 - licensing for commercial use

I have a few questions regarding the GPLv2 license: For it to be GPLv2, I need provide access to my source files? If I use the v2 license, but charge for use, do users HAVE to purchase my license in ...
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Will there be any restrictions if I use a MIT licensed module which is built on a GPL library in my commercial software?

I want to use a Python module ( in my commercial software. This module is licensed under the MIT license whereas the library (Poppler) it is built on is licensed ...
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Are there examples of proprietary software that functionally depends on free software?

This question is a follow-up on a number of questions that all mention some sort of software architecture X for creating software composites, and then goes on to ask: "Will using X to create a ...
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Does sharing a file format make two programs either a combined or derived work?

This is a follow on from Does a file format constitute an API? This is an attempt to break down: Does a host application's license apply to plug-ins written for it? into the underlying questions. ...
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Is linking a correct proxy for derivative work determination in (copyleft) FOSS licenses?

I tend to use these simple tests to determine if the copyleft terms of a third-party project apply to the calling/reusing code: if the calling code is linking (statically or dynamically) with GPL-...
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Using GPL licensed library over a service for non-GPL softwares

I want to use a GPL v2 licensed library(esper) for commercially distributed non-GPL softwares but I need to make sure non-GPL software not violate GPL license. Can I use this library indirectly using ...
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Can you commercialize a GNU General Public License product?

So from what I understand a product under GNU General Public License needs to stay under GNU General Public License (with references to the previous copyright owner). So if you sell it then the full ...
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Using GPL-ed library from code with more permissive license (MPL-2)

I'm writing a library and a tool on top of it, and I would like to release both under MPL-2. However, the library has an optional dependency, another library which is released under GPL (not LGPL). I ...
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