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What happens if I do not add a license to my open source project on Github? [duplicate]

I just received a notification about the following issue from a project I contributed in the past: Can it be a open source project? (Since the source code is already open, I think the title should be ...
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What can I assume if a publicly published project has no license?

There is some code on GitHub that I would like to use. The repository has no public declaration of license that I can find. But this particular project has over 200 forks and is a pretty active ...
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Are the new GitHub Terms of service a kiss of death for open source projects?

This recent post tends to say that the new GitHub TOS make most open source projects at odds to comply with both their FOSS licensing and the TOS. Is this right? Anything copyleft (GPL, AGPL, LGPL,...
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How to license website hosted on GitHub?

Assuming the following situation: I am having a GitHub open-source repository, licensed under the MIT license I want to document the software on a website with a logo and usage examples, hosted open-...
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Choosing a License for a Tutorial Site

I apologize in advance for what is probably a dumb question, but I'm trying to do this the right way from the beginning. I'm putting together a coding tutorial site, and my main question boils down ...
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Is it possible to get rich prosecuting GitHub users of an unlicensed fork?

On the thread Half of GitHub Code Unsafe To Use (If You Want Open Source) you can find a recipe to getting rich: Post it on Github Make everyone think it's free to use. Sue everyone you can ...
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How to revive an old GitHub project without license? [duplicate]

There is a project that has not been updated for 3 years, there is no license file there. How can I copy and develop it independently, making my own changes? What is better, to make a fork or create ...
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How can I license my GitHub Page hosted in a open-source template?

Let's assume the following situation: I have created a personal blog hosted on Github Pages, based in a modified version of a template from HTML5UP, which is available for free for personal and ...
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Legality and enforceability of commercial software uploaded to Github

Semi-hypothetically speaking, let's say a company creates a piece of software and then purposefully uploads the source code for that software to GitHub. You can download it, run it, etc directly from ...
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Can I send a pull request of a License file to a project?

I found an open issue in a GitHub repository requesting a permissive license for the project to be used by other people. It was answered by saying that they will put an MIT License, but was not done ...
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