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Does removing some class files from a third-party jar file mean it becomes a derivative work? [duplicate]

We use several LGPL third-party library JARs in our product, some of which contain classes with security concerns, which are identified by the OWASP scan during build. We do not require the classes ...
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Relicensing an MIT licensed project under the GPL that has non code contributions from others

I have an Android Game I've written that I released under the MIT license. Recently, there have been several people who have downloaded the source of my application, added ads and uploaded it to the ...
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Can the GNU LGPL be removed from a piece of software?

Maybe I'm searching with the wrong terms, but can the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE be removed from a software project like this browser extension? The commits in question are these https://github....
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How much changes to open source code is needed to remove the //Copyright (c) 2017 notice, or can it never be removed

As the question state. When using open source code and there is a // Copyright (c) 2017 xxxxx in the file. I know I must keep the notice but if I change the code a bit or much do I always keep it or ...
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What is a Modification in GPL 2.0

Given that I want to extend the Covered Software through a bigger Project. The following is an example where File A is part of the Covered Software and any subsequent files are not part of the ...
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Can CC-BY-SA code be removed from a larger code base and not have the remaining code bear the CC-BY-SA license?

My understanding of the CC-BY-SA is that if you use a snippet of CC-BY-SA code in a larger project, not only must you reveal the source code of your entire project, but you must also brand the entire ...
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Adding AGPL patches to a Software with APACHE2 or MIT License

I am interested in creating a fork of an abandoned software. The software which is no longer maintained is release under the terms of Apache 2 license. Am I allowed to create my patches under a less ...
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Publishing an application on play store....licenses and royalties doubts

I've built an Android application in Kotlin, and it uses these libraries : ... implementation "${camerax_version}" implementation "
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Do you retain copyright in a project even if all your code has been rewritten?

If somebody has participated in an open source project, and has previously contributed several lines of source code but all those lines have now been completely rewritten and/or deleted so that all ...
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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 rights as a contributor to the original repository on Github

There is a repository of code that I have made pull requests and added code to, and that code that I have contributed is in the master branch. The code is under the Creative Commons Attribution-...
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Is BSD-3-Clause Variant compatible with BSD-3-Clause?

My Python package has a dependency of an open-source package with a BSD-3-Clause-LBNL variant license. It seems the only difference between this variant and the original BSD-3-Clause license is the ...
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Should I credit the authors for code that is no longer part of the project?

In one of my projects, I used some code from an Apache version 2 licensed project in the beginning. Now I have completely removed their code and it is no longer part of my project. Do I still have to ...
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