I have an app made with electron.js

  • I have used third party packages in my app.
  • All the packages have permissive licenses(MIT and BSD License) with them.
  • I am using UI assets(e.g. icons) with MIT license.

I want to license my app with MIT license

Now my questions are:

  1. How do I license my app. Is it just as simple as adding MIT license copy in my repo.
  2. Do I need to do something for third party packages licenses (for both packages dev and dep).
  3. Some assets owner/authors did mention that I need to credit them in project. So how do I handle this, do I need to make a file with all their license and credits.

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How I have done it-

  1. Yes it is as simple as that, beside that you can License your app from GitHub repository it self

  2. You can add a file(ThirdPartyLicense.txt) consisting all the licenses of dependencies and transitive dependencies in you main repository folder. This method is used by all big projects example

  3. Add credit for third party in your app credits page.


Third party packages are normally not uploaded to the repo and will be downloaded when someone tries to compile your electron app (by running npm install). If no third party code is included in your repo, I think it will be ok for just adding a license file to it.

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